How often do you blog?

I received my first punitive write-up at work, today. And when I say first, I mean first. Like, ever. I’ve never been written up, at any job, for any reason. Yeah, there have been times when a boss has brought me into an office to speak, or has sat down to chat for one reason or another, but never have I been formally written up. It’s kind of weird. It is much more complex a matter than one would think, who has not actually gone through the process. . .

The emotions I feel are very confusing to me. I am obviously upset by it, like actually pissed. But, I am not sure at whom I should be mad. Well, the first person at whom I am angry is me. You see, what happened was . . .

As a Department Manager at Walmart, one of our tasks is to make sure all of our merchandise is priced correctly. Every day, people from Home Office [(HO) the place in Bentonville, Arkansas] send pricing changes into the SMART system. Then, at some point, we, as Associates, go into our little machine and actually print out a physical label for each item whose price had changed that day. Well, apparently, there was one day a couple weeks ago I printed out a whole bunch of price change labels and then failed to put them on the shelves. It was noticed today (not by me) and I was then coached. Coaching is Walmartese for an official talking to by the boss. I got that talking to, today. By the boss. And another boss. It was not pleasant.

Now, to the issue at hand – I am not even sure how this labeling issue happened. I say that because when we see the price change, protocol says we print a new label immediately before moving on to the next SKU. If we don’t, then we can miss price changes (duh). . . It’s quite simple, really. I have no recollection of ever just going through these prices changes without changing the labels. THAT pisses me off. I am better than that. I make mistakes, but not like this. Not now. So. . . there you have it. I am a fallible human. One who knows better.

Good night.


~ by shinshige on 31 January 2013.

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