Time really is relative.

If you were born on 14 December 2007, and were to turn 5 years old tomorrow, then you would be 1826 days old, today. A summer vacation, which would run somewhere near 85 days, would, therefore account for nearly 4.65% of your current life. 5% may not seem like a lot, but say you were born 14 December 1975. That would make you 38 years old tomorrow. Or in another perspective – 13,514 days old. 4.65% of that lifetime is 629 days. 629 days is 1.72 years. Do you see the issue, here?

For a 5 year old, one season accounts for over 5% of his entire life, while for a 38 year old – to feel that same amount of time passage would take nearly one year and nine months. Or, one day in the life of a grown up feels like over two weeks for that 5 year old child.

People often talk about how life seems to speed up as we get older. Well, that is because it is. By the time we reach 65 years old – 23,741 days, one day accounts for 1/23,741 of our days – that is absolutely a minuscule fraction of our existence. 1/1826, on the other hand, is still a significant amount of time.

Tonight, we are celebrating the life of my dear friend’s grandmother. 09 April 1910. She was 102 years old when she passed away. 37,501 days passed while she graced this Earth. Every day that passed for Grandma Bea was the blink of an eye relative to all she had seen, witnessed, experienced, and lived. She got married in 1937. She was married for four years before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. When she was born, Ford had not yet started mass producing automobiles. That was still 3 years away. President Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. 45 years has passed between his assassination and her birth. President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Grandma Bea was 53 years old when he was assassinated. Lincoln’s assassination was 8 years closer to her birth than was Kennedy’s. That is how long this woman was alive. Most people reading this are not yet 53 years old. She lives 49 years AFTER Kennedy’s assassination.

Is time relative? Einstein wrote “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies” in 1905. Even HE did not talk about the relativity of time until 5 years before Grandma Bea was born. That is a long life, young lady. Congratulations to you.

Oh, and for the record, in order for Grandma Bea to feel that same amount of time as a 5 year old’s Summer Break, she would have to experience almost a full five more years. Good night, Grandma.


~ by shinshige on 13 December 2012.

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  1. Awesome.

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