My Review of Westminster College

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Westminster offers a truly unique environment for learning. Outside magazine's rated Salt Lake City a 'near-perfect location for avid outdoor adventurers.' Deeply committed to each student's success, Westminster College is a comprehensive college that integrates a strong foundation …

Intermountain Ivy League. . .

By Edward Bennett from Murray, UT on 6/22/2011


5out of 5

Pros: Provided personal attention, Great instructors, Number of degree offerings

Cons: Entitled Students, High tuition costs

Utah’s only private, non-profit, Liberal Arts program? Yeah. . .

I went to Westminster straight out of High School and received a phenomenal education. I have been an advocate for the Westminster program since I was involved in it, and that is now, an almost twenty year relationship.

Westminster offers an entire spectrum of opportunities for student involvement. It also allows for those students who want to get up, go to class, and then go straight back home. AND – that is just the traditional student roles. If you are a student who desires a part time program, Westminster accommodates for that, as well. Many of their programs can be completed by students who work full time AND have families, as well. The course offerings are diverse enough to fit any potential student’s schedule.

Bottom line – would I recommend Westminster College of Salt Lake City to my friends? I will tell you I have already, and I will continue to do so. Now – tuition is steep, but the value is there. If Westminster is a program in which you may be interested, I would suggest you do not hesitate to contact the Admissions and enrollment offices.


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  1. “LeagUe”

  2. Ha! The funniest part of that, Shawn, is I caught it twice and thought I had corrected it. Apparently, not. . . Oops.

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