My Review of Salt Lake Community College

It acts like a Community College.

By Edward Bennett from Murray, UT on 6/22/2011


3out of 5

Pros: Number of degree offerings, Affordable tuition, Convenient locations

Cons: Poor instructors, Poor Procedural Standards

I have attended Salt Lake Community College, on and off, for a number of years. And, what do I have to say about it other than – it is a Community College.

SLCC offers a large number of courses, ranging from standard 2 year academic prep courses in Accounting to Math to Sociology, to specific career path programs in Air Conditioning all the way to Yoga instruction. If you want to study it, SLCC probably has it.

However, being a community college, it has its fair share of adjunct part-time faculty. I have had a handful of instructors who should not be allowed to teach folks how to tie a shoe, let alone History or Biology. . . However, to be fair – I have also had some PHENOMENAL professors, as well. One prof, in particular, is probably one of the brightest people I know. But, I am afraid those are overshadowed by the part-time folk.

Overall, SLCC is great at what it does. It is a place for students who want a post secondary education, on the cheap, and at their convenience. I would recommend it as a starting point for students who may be a bit skeptical of higher education.


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