TT: On the Road [Home]

People say, your life is what you make it. For the most part, I agree with that sentiment. However, there are many folks who can not make their lives any different than what it is. Sometimes it is circumstance, sure, but for the most part, we deal with things well beyond our control. As such, our lives are what they are. . .

I would love to believe if we just work hard enough, if we just suck it up enough, if we just yada yada yada enough, then we can be whatever we want. Folks who do believe that, have wither never had to deal with a blow from above, or have been able to work their way out, if they had. Those people, are an anomaly.

Subsidized housing and shelters for the homeless do not exist because people are lazy. They exist because, sometimes, you just can’t do it on your own. Not everyone has the ability to work themselves out of a ditch – especially if they did not create the ditch themselves. That is human nature.

Humans WANT to do the best they can, and most do. But not everyone’s best is enough when you live in a society, as we do, with the culture and standards it contains. A lot of these folks we met last night ARE doing the bet they can. They ARE working as hard as they can. They DO suck it up enough – probably more so than most of us will EVER have to.


~ by shinshige on 10 June 2011.

One Response to “TT: On the Road [Home]”

  1. Had an ongoing argument on this topic with a lady I used to work with. She never saw the point of helping the homeless, unmarried mothers, etc. because they’d obviously gotten themselves into that situation and should get themselves out. So I’d ask her if it was her sister, aunt, cousin, would she help then? and she said of course she would, and I’d say, well, that’s the difference between you and I, my family is simply lots bigger than yours. Argument repeats.

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