TT: Wants; Needs; Must (Do)s.

Damn – I should have put HAVEs in there, too. . . Have and need are very similar to me. I’ll get past that, though, and focus on the point of this topic.

The point has to do with HAVE and NEED, and the misapplication of those principals, on a regular and very unfortunate basis. People have only one HAVE TO in their lives, and that is the practical application of the ending of said life. There is only one thing you HAVE TO do and that is DIE. There is nothing else that HAS TO happen. Only death HAS to occur.

I hear, ALL THE TIME – “I NEED this or that.” “I HAVE TO do that or this.” Guess what? No – you don’t. You don’t HAVE TO do anything. You WANT to do it. All of it. I got into a Facebook debate the other day regarding this very topic. A friend posted, “A quip for your viewing pleasure: ‘A successful person does what they don’t want to do, when they don’t want to do it.'” It turned into a bloody mess of a debate.

Here is the link, for your viewing pleasure: Hi, I’m a link.

My assertion (which I believe to be true) is that we NEVER do anything we don’t want to do. If we do not want to do it, then we will not do it. We have no HAVE TOs, or NEED TOs. Only WANT TOs. You may feel a compulsion to do something, or even be obsessed by the desire to do something, but it is not a need. As well – things like what we consider our “basic needs” of food, water, and shelter, are not needs. They are wants. We, as humans, WANT to not die. Therefore, we CHOOSE to eat, drink, sleep, blah blah blah. . .

When I taught Psychology, I taught there are 3 basic aspects of human survival. The 3 Fs. Feeding, Fighting, and Fucking. And yes – these are necessary for survival. Without feeding, your bloodline dies; without fighting, your bloodline dies; and without fucking, your bloodline DIES! Do you see the relation? Without doing these things, you (or your potential progeny) will die. However, they are not needs. They are wants. You do not HAVE TO eat. You can choose not to eat but what will happen? You will die. Same goes for protecting yourself and procreating. There are NO HAVE TOs, or NEED TOs. . . only WANT TOs. Do you want to die? No – then you had better feed, fight, and fuck.

“I need to get up early tomorrow, so I can make it to my meeting at work on time. They scheduled it for 7:30, and I’m not used to getting up that early. And since, I need to work out right after I get up, then I need to get up extra early.”

NOPE – You WANT to get up early. You WANT to work out. You WANT to get to the meeting. You don’t HAVE to do any of those things. If you don’t work out, you may gain weight and not be as healthy. Your life may end earlier than if you did work out. But you WANT to do that, see? You don’t HAVE TO. You don’t HAVE TO make your meeting. It’s not a need. You can choose to skip that work day, flat out, if you WANT TO, but there may be ramifications if you do. Get it?

So, if you feel a drive to do anything, realize it’s a want, not a need. It’s a desire, not a have to. You WANT to do it. If you did not want to do it, then you wouldn’t. Pretty simple, huh?


~ by shinshige on 7 April 2011.

3 Responses to “TT: Wants; Needs; Must (Do)s.”

  1. I remember having a very interesting discussion with my mother, when I was about twelve, about how nobody can really force you to do anything, as long as you’re all right with accepting the consequences of failing to do that thing. Boy, did that notion upset her. Mind you, I was talking about not paying taxes, for which one might go to jail, not staying up past one’s bedtime, which is I guess where she thought I was headed. Little did she know I read under the covers with a flashlight for years. This was before Nooks.

  2. You got heated up about this one. I hadn’t thought of things this way. What was your major again? Philosophy?

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