Sick Mother FUCKERS!!!

Pedophiles need not fucking apply.

I was just looking at my Dashboard. I saw I had a decent number of hits on Sunday, the 23rd, and considering I have not written anything for WEEKS, I thought that was odd.

So, I decided to look deeper. I found the most activity was directed at my last entry, “2 months between posts is fucking child’s play.” Odd, I thought. . . Upon further review, I discovered the Top Searches bringing hits to this little blog are, in order, I presume, “child fucking, fucking childs, bb in leg, fucking child, fuckig childs.”

Mother fuckers came to this blog looking for CHILDREN HAVING SEX!!! Well, look no further fuckwads! There is none of that shit on here. And – if I really want to, I can trace your IPs, track your sick fucking asses down, and kick the living shit out of your fucking little brained heads.

Y’all have NO IDEA how pissed I am right now. I’m fucking sitting on my couch, the tears from my eyes are just drying, and now I am angry. Angry beyond description. . . OK – I just talked to a friend. I have cooled a little, but I’m still extremely fucking pissed. I don’t even know what to say. . . I’m mortified.

I don’t do porn anyway. Grown up porn. I have no need for it, and the older I get, the more it turns me off. I want all young women to stop getting naked for money and begin to respect their bodies and themselves. I want all men to recognize they are the cause of the world’s oldest profession. If you stop spending your money, they will stop doing it. Unfortunately, porn is a GIGANTIC industry. Pervs – leave the fucking kids out of it. :(

OK – I need to go. This post wiped me out. Fuckers took my motivation tonight. G’night.



~ by shinshige on 25 January 2011.

3 Responses to “Sick Mother FUCKERS!!!”

  1. you should track them down, and if not kick the living shit out of them, at least turn their names and actions over to the police in their towns. pedos need to be identified, exposed, and watched constantly or they will strike again and again and again. i often wonder if should not be legal to shoot them between their sick eyes when they are finally caught in the act of molesting a child. it is such a shame that so many ministers and priests abuse their positions and the children of their church members.

  2. Ummmm… I think I totally get how mad you are right now!!!

  3. Yipes! I don’t blame you for being so upset. This ia awful. I wouldn’t have thought of the combination of those words in the context you intended them to be so . . . reprehensible, but it heppened. I’m so sorry.

    Which reminds me — Remember something from an earlier post. — I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

    Those Hawaiians are onto something.

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