Life with you transforms me.
. . . Lying next to you, while in my bed; I feel secure, I know no dread.
. . . Light overcomes dark, as I have said; Only with you shall I move ahead.

Only your spirit fills me.
. . . Overwhelmed with joy, filled with mirth; for you have no equal upon this Earth.
. . . Of and from your latent worth; ’tis ordained, my inescapable (re)birth.

Vagueness does not have a place in my heart when it comes to you.
. . . Verily, I say, we exist as one; Our lives, alone, will come undone.
. . . Victoriously, we shall overcome; Our hearts, in unison beat upon one drum.

Everyone will know I have fallen for you . . . and I can’t get up.
. . . Each day of my life, I am drawn more fully; my self-control becomes more unruly.
. . . Embraced in your arms, I feel safe – unduly.


~ by shinshige on 25 January 2011.

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