2 months between posts is fucking child’s play.

Well, fuck. . . Hello everyone.

This, apparently, is not going to be a coherent writing. I have gone back and read the beginning, and I am free flowing all over the place. I apologize if the style is not of your liking.

I am going to chalk 2010 up as a year I never thought I would experience. It started out fair enough. I’d been at my job for a few months, and things seemed to be looking pretty good on that front. March 2 brought the baby. Maya Beth was born on that day. That was definitely a highlight. The Spring came and I coached Gavin’s t-ball team. I freaking loved that. I was still in school – working on that MEd program from USU. I started it in 2008, and it just never clicked with me. So, with that – I dropped it in November. No more Master’s degree. That would be a few weeks AFTER I MOVED OUT of my house. Yeppers – you read that right, I moved out. I am getting divorced. That’s a fucking trip. I’ve been thinking back over my last 9 years with Sarah and I am in a bit of a fog. Then, I think over the last two years and I’m REALLY in a fog. THEN – I move to just the last 10 weeks, and HOLY SHIT!!! I struggle sometimes with it. The separation was coming. I felt it a long time ago. The timing just needed to be better. . . Then, BAM! it hit. Better timing, apparently.

I now live at my sister’s house, in a room. I can’t complain, however, at least I get a room.

So, the plan is now to look for an apartment. That has been on hold for a while as I was enlisting in the National Guard. Yes, again – you heard (read) correctly. I was planning on enlisting in the Guard. Not anymore. Now, with that uncertainty gone, I can focus on actually getting my divorce finalized and getting a place of my own. It’s not that I don’t appreciate my sister allowing me space here, it’s just not MY space, you know?

What else? Hell, I’m sure that’s enough for now. And, for what it’s worth – I am planning on writing at least the Talk Thursdays, but you’ve seen my follow through in this before. :(

I suppose that is all for now. We’ll talk again soon.


~ by shinshige on 7 December 2010.

4 Responses to “2 months between posts is fucking child’s play.”

  1. The thing is being at peace within yourself, with the decisions you make, and being the best person you know how to be. Sith.

  2. Welcome fucking back! I too, always intend to write the Talk Thursday topics. Sometimes I write one and don’t post it. Other times, I lack follow through. Other times, I write, post, and delete it the next day. Whatever!

    You’re going to get through this, and 2011, here you come!

  3. Hello! You have a lot going on – if Talk Thursday lets you make sense of it all, do it. Otherwise, make sense of it all some other way. Glad to have you back in any respect. Oh, and hi there, just incidentally.

  4. I’m a little behind too, but working on catching up and keeping up. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I think maybe lazy and clever. And well traveled.

    I miss you. Take care of yourself.

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