3 months? Really. . .

Well, now.

‘Tis a funny thing, life. We wake up one morning and BAM – there it is. Our lives – having flashed before our eyes – and here we are; barely recognizing what the fuck happened.

Old friends are gone; new friends have arrived. . . Some have done both. Im’a tell you a story. . .

In 1993, I began at Westminster College of Salt Lake City. I had just graduated from High School and was the first person in my family to go straight from high school to College. It was a big deal. I was going to study business, because that is what I was told I needed to do. But, it was more of a familial presupposed axiom than anything, so I threw in some music, politics, psychology, environmental studies and economics, for good measure. . . I was always taught – one needs to go to college to get a good job. Well, lemme tell you something, sister – FUCK THAT idea!

I went to school for 5 years before I woke up one morning and an epiphany had shot into my brain. I did not want to be a business major. I did not like the American Economic System. In fact – I was (am) diametrically opposed to the AES. . . Fuck me, right? How can one be absolutely opposed to the system in which one lives? Dunno – but it sucks to be here.

My brother in law, (the Nazi, as I like to call him – although he is not really a Fascist,) has told me for years that the older you get – the more conservative and “respectable” one becomes. . . I always denied it. Now I am 34 years old – and guess what? He was wrong. I’m still a tree huggin’, pinko-commie liberal – who is even less content with our ways of doing things than most people could even understand. . .

I’m exhausted. I’ve lost my epiphanies. I’m compromised. . . I hate it.


~ by shinshige on 7 April 2010.

One Response to “3 months? Really. . .”

  1. I hear ya! My Westminster MBA rots on the shelf while I still wonder what the bloody hell I want to be when I grow up. Maybe that’s more widespread or normal than I think, but I’m 60 and wondering when or if I will figure it out. If it’s any consolation, I’m more liberal now than ever so the theory does not hold. The conservatives just wish it did. Ah the Boomers! What a funny generation we are.

    I don’t like the business/econ atmosphere either, but the only thing I can think of now is how can I either 1) opt out, or 2) screw ‘em back. If success is the best revenge, then I’d better get on it. Hmmm. maybe real estate?

    Also don’t forget where you are in life – newborn, no sleep, pressure to support family, blah blah and more blah and Zeus knows what else. It will change before you know it.


    PS – I miss you.

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