Update from me to you.

  1. I have recently changed my theme. I don’t like it. So, as soon as I publish this post, I am changing it back.
  2. The extent of my football knowledge is that I like the New Orleans Saints. This year, they started out 13-0, then lost the last two games, leading up to today. As of halftime, they are down 17-3. They may lose their last 2 games – that would annoy me. UPDATE: The Saints lost. I’m annoyed.
  3. I am still behind in school, but will catch up in the month of January. I dislike the arbitrary nature of our calendar, but it does make for convenience of planning. That’s another blog for another time. The new semester starts on Tuesday, and I am determined to get As in both of those classes, while making up what needs to be made up in my other classes.
  4. I made a hambone soup last night. It was de-lish. Today is leftovers. Just as nummy.
  5. I am meeting with a nurse practitioner friend the beginning of the week. I want to see if I can get a chemical kick in the ass. I am not a Scientologist, so I don’t have a lot of problem with it. I do have a little problem, but there is a method to my madness. That may be another blog posting about that, forthcoming, as well.
  6. Work is interesting these days. There is a lot I am not at liberty to discuss, but it will come out in due time. I’ll keep you updated.
  7. I have discovered my magical name. It is Therion Alvys Aodh. You can find my journey to enlightenment at Therion’s Garden.
  8. As I was getting ready for a shower yesterday, my 5 year old son, Gavin, looked at me and proclaimed, “Long penis.” That was nice.
  9. As I walked past my 5 year old son, Gavin, on Wednesday (again naked), he looked at me and said, “You have a fat tummy. . . Are you turning into Santa?” That was not so nice.

I suppose that is all for now. I’ll stay in touch.



~ by shinshige on 3 January 2010.

2 Responses to “Update from me to you.”

  1. Another reminder to not parade naked infront of little kids. While I don’t remember doing said naked parade, I must have. One day Burp was visiting and hugged Arlo and said, “Nice Arlo.” He hugged Ducky and said, “Nice Papa.” He hugged me and said, “Nice boobs.”

    I think he was four.

  2. I strongly recommend the Green Bay Packers as a football team to become familiar with. They have really nice fans. :)

    That is all.

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