JulieAnn Twofer. . .

This is a twofer for JulieAnn CW, and her Blog, Ravings of a Semi-Mad Woman. I say it’s a twofer because I want everyone to read her post, “Breathing,” and she is the topic poster for this week’s Talk Thursday. Read “Breathing.” If you don’t, then I will be very disappointed with you.

The Talk Thursday topic this time turns toward tradition. “A Broken Tradition,” in fact. I like tradition, and by definition, traditions cannot be broken. When the continuance of something over time ceases, it just ends. It is no longer tradition. Right? What is breaking tradition v. it simply ending? Hmmmmm . . . as I sit here, I think I may know the answer. My father died in 1991. He got sick in October and really, really sick in November. That Thanksgiving, he was still alive, but not doing well. My family met at my sister’s house for a poker game. Thus began the tradition of the Thursday night poker game. It has continued every year for the last 19 years. If that’s not a tradition, then I don’t know what is.

In Fall/Winter 2008, I was working in Idaho. Well, seeing as though I am not capable of astral projection, my body and spirit were in Idaho that Thanksgiving. Hence, I was unable to attend the Bennett Thanksgiving poker game. The rest of the family, however, was there and they played their hearts our. In fact, they took a video with my bro’s phone, and sent me a toast. That was neat. OK, so my question to you is: Was the tradition broken? It obviously did not end, because it continued that year and this year as well. This year, I was back in UT, so I was also there – the tradition lives on. I was not there in 2008, however. Thus, the tradition was broken? I had been to the previous 17. Missed one. Attended #19. . . I don’t know if it was broken. My eldest brother, Jim, has missed quite a few. Did he break it? My sister and brother, Gooch, have attended them all. It was not broken by them, and there has always been nieces, nephews, and cousins to fill in. I don’t know if it has been broken. I would say not.

So, I guess I stand by my first assertion, “by definition, traditions cannot be broken. When the continuance of something over time ceases, it just ends.”

I miss my mother and father.
I miss a lot about my family.



~ by shinshige on 20 December 2009.

3 Responses to “JulieAnn Twofer. . .”

  1. Definatelynot a broken tradition, more like an open tradition of honoring the boundaries and movement of life and family. I like that you honor your father’s memory with a gathering so natural and full of life and enjoyment of time with each other.

  2. I like the literal way you look at things, E. Although I have to say that the whole point of a tradition isn’t necessarily about continuance for me. Tradition is about stasis. Tradition is about immovability. It’s about staying put. Some traditions are great and heart-warming. Some (cough cough infant circumcision cough) need to go far away. IMO.

    Tradition is about DOING without THINKING. Keeping something alive that had a purpose at one time, but now serves only as a reminder or embodiment of the original event or idea.

    It’s about family poker games, family caroling, birthdays, holidays…it’s about missing your mother and father–every year, and having a poker game or a caroling fest to reconstitute something you never want to wither.

    Peace, friend

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