How do we make the world a better place?

So, here’s the deal. . .

I just heard a story about a 12 year old girl; we’ll call her Michelle. Michelle lives in Salt Lake and goes to school in Midvale. Midvale, itself is not all that bad. The people who tend to live there, however – that’s a different story. Just like most places, a few bad apples spoil the batch.

One day, Michelle is at school, and sees a peer drop a bottle while they are outside. She saunters to the bottle, picks it up and sees the label, “OxyContin.” She knows the girl who dropped the bottle, and in grand 12 year old fashion, does not want the girl to get in trouble, so she heads to the nearest garbage can and drops the dope. Unbeknownst to her, a teacher say the drop, asks Michelle what it was, and a lengthy discussion ensues. The dialogue consisted of the girl denying knowledge of both the contents of the bottle and its original owner. Meanwhile, a group of prepubescent (or tween) juvenile delinquents sees the interaction and believing the girl is snitching, declares a jumping will occur after school that afternoon. Do the dismay of many, these delinquent beothches have mistaken the identity of their peer. So, not Michelle, but a friend of hers, gets attacked at the end of the school day.

Michelle sees the fight, jumps in and breaks it up, while taking out one of the offenders.

The school police officer – yes, this middle school has it’s own police – comes over, breaks up the fight and begins questioning the little ones involved in the fight. . . The pill dropper comes clean, Michelle is cleared of any wrongdoing (except by the delinquents) and everyone goes home. . .

There are so many things wrong with this story, I am not even sure where to begin.

  1. Why does a 12 year old girl know anything OxyContin?
  2. Why does another 12 year old girl HAVE OxyContin?
  3. Why is talking to an authority figure an automatic “cool” disqualifier?
  4. Why is being a hoodrat cool in the first place?
  5. Why is there a posse of 12 year old girls at a middle school?
  6. Why is there a cop at a middle school?
  7. Where are these kids parents?
  8. Where are any parents?
  9. Where is the accountability?
  10. In how much trouble are these kids actually going to get?
  11. Why do we suck?
  12. When will it end?
  13. Why don’t parents care about any of their kids?
  14. What do I think I can do about it?

I’m out.

~ by shinshige on 11 December 2009.

5 Responses to “How do we make the world a better place?”

  1. Uh…….WOW! Why do you think you can do anything about it? It isn’t your problem. I see your point about the story, but I don’t understand why you think you have to do anything about it.

  2. When I speak to schools about the dangers of prescription drugs–OxyContin is legal heroin, I find that the students know about the drug but not how deadly it is and not the criminal penalties for possession of these drugs. Almost every time a student comes to me and tells me about a friend who overdosed and died or is in detention.


  3. Oh my. . . It absolutely is my problem, and your problem, and the problem of every other person on this planet.

    I have a 5 year old and friends with kids even younger than that. When I was 12, prescription drug abuse was a problem, sure – but not a problem of me and my peers. It was a problem of adults. Now, it is not. So, when my kids and my friends kids are 12, what will be the problems they face. We already have drugs, violence, unplanned pregnancies, yada yada – the list is expansive – what ELSE do we need?

    The problem here is not that these kids are getting into trouble – kids are supposed to do that. The problem is that there is no accountability for these kids. Where the fuck are their parents? The lives of the next generation is fucked because of irresponsible parents. These irresponsible parents are probably the result of irresponsible grandparents, and their parents before them. So, yeah – we have a problem. The problem is no one in going to sack up and actually work to effectuate change.

    We have political leaders worrying about pork and all they can gain from being political leaders, and what good will come of that? Not much, right. We have religious leaders who don’t actually give a fuck about their sheep. We have parents who don’t care about their children. And all the while, we, as a culture and a species, are just dropping further and further down the abyss.

    Yes, is it my problem.

  4. #1: You live in Utah – America’s prescription drug abuse capital.

    #2: See #1

    #3: Tweens define coolness – not adults – otherwise Hannah Montana wouldn’t have been a musical whoredom of success.

    #4: See #3.

    #5: I’ma slap Kanye West for that one.

    #6: See #5.

    #7: See #1.

    #8: Usually working, providing for their angels’ futures.

    #9: That is SO 1900’s.

    #10: Irrelevant. A better question is how many of these parents have been surgically altered to prevent future hellion broods.

    #11: Because we can.

    #12: 2012, Mayan Prophecy, or when baby Jesus comes back to get smacked down again.

    #13: Most functional and non-drug enhanced parents do care about their kids. The rest see their kids as organ donors.

    #14: You’re in education. You make a difference because you’re teaching you boy greater life lessons. He may be in situations like Michelle, but he’ll be better suited to handle himself better than other children.

  5. Shinshige loves him some Sideon.

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