TT: Blind

Editor’s Note: I am attempting to catch up to my blogging (sounds, familiar, eh?) by starting with TT topics, from current backwards. Thank you for sticking with me. . .

TT for the week of 03 September 2009:

I have four posts in my “drafts” of this blog. Since, I have deleted them. I had four posts in my “drafts” of this blog. Since I have deleted them – I have no posts in my “drafts” of this blog.

I moved again. Back to Sandy. Sandy, UT. It’s a quaint little town just South of Salt Lake City, the capital of UT. No – it’s not. It’s a suburb. Just like any other suburb. In Utah. We have nice neighbours and we have asshat shit eating neighbours. I like the nice neighbours. I would not care if the Shiteaters moved tomorrow. . . or tonight.

I wonder what people want to hear from me. I really wonder. I had heard once, from a guy I know, that, “If you blog it, they will come.” OK – is was not exactly like that, but you get the drift. I have been hit over 6,000 times. That seems like a lot to me. Well, it is a lot – it’s no million hits in 3 days, but I’m not posting celebrity sex tapes, either. That would be sweet if I did. Well, if I had any. And they were legit. And legally acquired. . . Wow – that would be a lot of work. I would probably need to know a celebrity, who had made a sex tape, and then gave me permission to post the video. I could not afford a lawsuit of the magnitude a leaked celeb sex tape would bring.

I’ll stick to writing.

I wish I could write emotion. There are a lot of folks who can. You sit down and begin reading their work, all the while, understanding – perfectly – what emotion they are trying to convey. I am not that talented. I may be able to learn with practice and training, but I don’t know for sure. Probably.

I have realized what a downer I am on here. Not my intention. It’s a blog – a web-based diary. I should feel free to write whatever I want. Readers of blogs absolutely understand how blogs are designed. People read because they want to. I want them to. Is that vain of me? I don’t care. I want to see how many folks care to read about me. I want to hit 10k page views. It has taken a year and a half (almost) to hit 6k. That’s not bad, really. . . That means I average over 12 views per day. AND – I have not written A LOT of those days. Hmmm – I’m not going to complain. I suppose I was blind to the sheer number of hits I have received.

OK then – I will begin to write again. Let’s see how long it takes to get to 10k. Any wagers?



~ by shinshige on 7 September 2009.

3 Responses to “TT: Blind”

  1. “I wonder what people want to hear from me. I really wonder.” The rules of blogging are really simple – you blog for you. From that vast point you can go in any number of directions and try and please any number of people, but the bottom line is that blogging is for you. Some folks lock down their blogs and make them invite only. Some folks blog and don’t publish – they ARE electronic diaries. Do what you will – it’s your domain.

    Blog hits. A blog pissing match. You’ll post incredible things and get a handful of hits. You’ll post something inane and mundane and get an avalanche of traffic. I’ve been blogging for years and the numbers and patterns don’t match up. Supposedly my “best” day was several hundred hits and I averaged 100+ a day. Because I haven’t blogged consistently in at least a year, my hits have averaged around 60-75+ a day. In the end, it doesn’t mean a damn thing. Not a thing. It’s through blogging that I have connected with myself and other people, which is what really matters – it’s not about the numbers or the hits.

    Lastly – you can and do write evocatively and emotionally, to the point that if you were anywhere near I’d either tackle you and give you noogies, or I’d wrap my arms around you and give you a hug until you couldn’t breath (but of course I’d let up so that you could).

  2. Eddie, write for you, we’re just along for the ride. If I wrote only because people came and read it, I’d have quit blogging years ago (okay before I started but you have to start a blog to find out you’re not being read.) Write what answers a need in side of you.

  3. Hey. Thanks for the laugh of about the Shiteating neighbors, and the nice ones.

    For some reason, I want chocolate, bittersweet.

    It’s just a bittersweet symphony.

    Baby, just write whatever, and we’ll keep stopping by. My blog’s not as cheerful as it once was, but then again, neither am I. I’m still me, just a little more serious.

    Why are you so insecure? Who gives a shit how many hits you get? If that were the point, I’d look more into that sex tape idea. But that’s not the point, so please just keep writing about whatever’s on your mind.



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