June nablopomo . . .

Wow, it’s already June.  Where in the hell does all the time go?  What has happened since we last spoke?  A lot, I presume.  Please hold while I go back and read my last entry. . .

OK – I am back.  Well, surprisingly – not a lot has happened since May 19th.  All the same things apply.  To begin – Today is 01 June 2009.  Since it is the beginning of the month, and I have been wanting to get back into blogging, I am gong to utilize nablopomo this month on three different blogs.  Do you think I can do it?  I think I can. . .  I will be using this one as it is my personal blog – dedicated to just sharing myself with teh world. . .  I used to have a decent amount of readers, but you have disappeared.  I don’t blame you – I would leave, too, if I left like I did . . .  (Huh?)

So – I am also tracking my family’s journey with efusjon on:  http://efusjonshinshige.wordpress.com; and I will also be blogging on my http://socialdiscovery.wordpress.com blog which is more of a socio-political blog.

This month’s nablopomo theme is “HEROES.”  Who is my hero today?  Me.  Not the me of today, mind you – no, it is that guy I am trying to change.  I want to be “me” again.  The me who had little anxieties about the world. . .  The me who doesn’t get asked, “What’s up with you lately?”  The me people look to for help and adoration.  I’m still here a little, but I want to be here a lot. . .  That is a challenge for me.

Oh – and Jenn – I have no answer for that inquiry. . .


~ by shinshige on 1 June 2009.

3 Responses to “June nablopomo . . .”

  1. What inquiry? Me? I have forgotten

  2. Unfortunately, the font highlighting in this theme is crappy. If you look closely, you will see the quote, “What’s up with you lately?” is a link to the appropriate site. ;)

  3. I know what’s up with you lately – not enough bowling. If you think about it, life was good when you were on a league. That’s why you should join our (Tiff and myself) team for this Fall. Then, everyone’s a winner. Yay!

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