I wanted to get stuff done, I needed a break.

It’s Monday, y’all.

There is a lot in our lives for which we can be thankful. I am not sure if everyone knows that. On second thought – I am sure . . . NOT everyone knows that. My life has been very chaotic these last few months (like 20 months) but you know – I am OK with it. I get down and feel dejected, as do we all . . . Then, however, I look around and see blossoms on trees, squirrels in trees, and gigantic ass bee hives in trees ;) and realize our lives are pretty good.

I want a job – one I will enjoy, one that will make me happy. I need . . . Well, I have told my students for years – there is nothing in life that is mandatory except death itself. So, I don’t – absolutely – NEED to do anything. But, for argument, I will label all things that are useful for survival as “needs.” A-hem, I want a job as described above, but I NEED to pay the bills. Bleh – enough about that . . .

You know what? I woke up this morning. A LOT of people did not. For them, their families, and those who cared about them, a hardship has been created. for me, my family, and those who care about me – this morning brought with it no hardship (as has been the case for nearly all of the mornings in my existence. S0 – what I will say to everyone who wants more – I will say to you, be happy with what you have and look forward to waking up tomorrow morning, because you may not.


~ by shinshige on 9 February 2009.

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