I have a BB in my leg, and graphite in my forehead. . .

When I was in elementary school, I was shot in the leg, by a friend, with a BB gun. We were outside, in my neighbourhood, just shooting at random, mundane things. As we got to my front porch, the friend, Brandon, looked at me and said, “Hold still,” as he aimed the gun at my leg (from about 5 feet away). I asked him, “Is that loaded,” and he responded in the affirmative. I then asked him if it was cocked. He raised it, pumped it somewhere near five times, said, “It is now,” lowered it, aimed at my leg, and the next thing I know, there is a shooting pain in my leg and blood is gooshing down. Yes, I said gooshing. It was all a little surreal. He claims it was an accident, that he was shooting at the ground, and it ricocheted into my leg. The world knows, but we will never will. The BB is still there. It is a great conversation piece. You can feel it and everything. It’s cool.

Also, in elementary school, I was stabbed with a pencil. Myself and three of my peers were staying in from recess and I had just sharpened my pencil when one of my peers took it upon himself to push me to the floor. You see, the three of them were break dancing, and they wanted me to participate. So, Chris, the pusher said, “Eddie – now you do it,” and pushed me from the back. I was little and was not expecting it. So – I fell. . . Ouch. The pencil stayed in my hand, and as I hit the ground, the tip of it ended up in the middle of my forehead. It, too is still noticeable today.


~ by shinshige on 29 January 2009.

One Response to “I have a BB in my leg, and graphite in my forehead. . .”

  1. I have three pieces of gold glitter embedded in my right eye… you can’t see them (Anymore) you can (and neither can I) feel them anymore. Your story is much more interesting, but strangely I didn’t notice the lead…and I don’t want to feel the bb (that just creeps me out.)

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