I Just Discovered a Band. . .

They are probably not new, but they are called Pendulum. I have a station on Pandora that is a cross between The Crystal Method, The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. I absolutely LOVE Pandora. This tune came on, and I could NOT sit still. So, I looked at it, and saw the band was called Pendulum and the tune was, “Girl in the Fire.” Loved it.

Also – spoke with http://firstpositionparallel.wordpress.com/ tonight for a while. That was nice. We have not spoken much since Sarah and I went north and she and her’s went south. I hope she blogs more. . . and soon.

I found another job today. It is at an interesting sounding program. It is a Charter School in Oakland. Pretty hard core, but it appears there is a lot of support from the administration for both the faculty and the students. And I’m torn, because the dude in charge seems pretty right-wing, but in the ways I actually agree with the right. . . I think I will apply, see if I get a call, and go from there. It sounds like a good challenge. . . Hmmmm . . .

Ooooh – we got our driver’s licenses today. That’s AWESOME!!! I also got my plates for my car. Now, when I drive, people will not think I am an idiot from Utah. They will think I am one of them. . . Mwahhahahaha!!! Imbeciles. ;)

I am getting tired. I need to turn in. Today was a good day. Thanks, Cube.



~ by shinshige on 27 January 2009.

2 Responses to “I Just Discovered a Band. . .”

  1. Well things you don’t tell people in coverstations. Dude. Good Luck. And remember the rule of thumb while driving in CA… stay away from out-of-state plates.

  2. I got rear ended the other night and the most hilarious part was where I was indignantly explaining to the cop that I was NOT from Utah. “Oh, he said, that’s why you kept your Idaho drivers license while you lived in Utah, obviously.”

    “EXACTLY”, I said. ;-)

    I’m just too cheap to turn my plates over as yet. But it’s coming.

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