Time to catch up . . .

I have a headache.
There is too much chaos in my life. I need structure, I need consistency. I used to have that. . .

Let go backwards. I just got a call from ITT – no thank you on the job. If they need someone in the future, they will contact me. That does me no good now. Fuck.

Yesterday, we went to the DMV. We both took our tests, and passed. We got pictures and thumbprints. The guy said it would take 2-3 weeks to get our licenses in the mail. That seems strange to me. Idaho can process them immediately and print them right there. . . Oh well, I suppose.

I also got the car mostly registered. I need to get a smog test and then take everything back in. I will then get new plates. We were going to go with vanity plates, but figured we will wait for a while. It takes 2-3 months to get them anyway, so eh, whatever.

What else? Oh – I can’t log into Facebook for some reason. . .

One of my students from Woodland Hills, the school at which I taught in Salt Lake, two years ago, is from this area. He mother lives in Pleasanton and she is out here for the weekend. Sarah, Gavin, and I are going to their house for dinner on Saturday. I am looking forward to it.

OK – You’re caught up, and I’m depressed.


~ by shinshige on 22 January 2009.

2 Responses to “Time to catch up . . .”

  1. Shiggy don’t be discouraged it will come. Everything has a purpose we just have to find it. And yes I am glad I am 600 miles away from you as I write this… I don’t as fast as I use to, waddle yes, duck no.

  2. I’m glad we worked out last night after a yummy dinner.

    You put it out there to the universe and look what you guys have created. In a very short time, you’ve transformed your world. You guys are still settling into a new home, a new location, and a completely new social and political environment. I’d be worried if this transition for you was TOO easy. Give the job search some time so that you’re sure you’re not going to take a job or enter a career that you despise. You’ve lived the insanity of a hellish job – why would you want to bring that HERE? Breath. Breath some more. Network, cruise the job boards, follow-up with thank you’s and grace. I know you both will find what’s good for you, for yourselves and each other.

    If I haven’t said enough lately, I’m glad you and Mrs. Shinshige and Little-guy Shinshige are staying at the house. More than that, I’m glad you’re my friend and I hope you know I’m there for you.

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