Still blogging [almost] every day this month. . .

I want to clarify for some folks. Last night, at 11:55, I was with Sarah and Sideon when I realized I had not yet blogged for the day. As I got on my ‘puter, I realized the wireless was down. So, Sideon and I ran to the study where I was able to use a hardwired connection. As it happens, I got logged in – as the chimes from the clock in the front room began to ring 12. Thus, my blog from last night, was a mere – I made it today, to blog, post. I believe some folks think I may have been referring to a potential job, and if that is the case, then I apologize.

As for today – I have begun a new semester in my Master’s program. Unfortunately, everyone else began this term on the 5th. . . So, I am not catching up. I am hoping and praying I get the job at ITT, as that would allow for me to have quite a bit of organized time to complete my work. I really want this to work, you know, and I am already in the program, so if things do not work out for me – I will be extremely upset. So – it is GOING to work. ;)

No one in my family (sans the Fazzios) has a Master’s degree. In fact – no one in my family has an undergraduate degree. I believe there are a couple with Associate’s Degrees, but even of that I am not positive. So – a Master’s degree is a big deal. Especially in this world of continually increasing challenge of employment finding. . . er, something like that.

Farewell all – and I will keep you posted.



~ by shinshige on 17 January 2009.

3 Responses to “Still blogging [almost] every day this month. . .”

  1. Ahhh bells are chiming, makes sense.

  2. Hey, we were excited! Just a little prematurely. You’re going to get the job. I feel it.

  3. WOO HOO!!! I think so, too.

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