Oh, the weather outside is. . .

. . . abso-fucking-lutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

At one point this afternoon, the temperature gauge on my car read 76 degrees. Wait – temperature gauge? That would be thermometer for those keeping score at home. Anyway – it was marvelous. When we left Idaho, it was in the 20s. Last week, when we came out here the first time, it was -5 in Idaho. Yes, I said -5. Yikes, right?

So – today was the interview of a lifetime. OK – not an ENTIRE lifetime, but at least the last couple years worth of lifetime. If you recall, it was at ITT Tech in Concord. This is a brand new start-up campus and they are looking for only one financial aid rep. If I get it, then the entire FA dept. would consist of me and the Director of Finance, Diana. She’s neat, so I think it would be cool.

As that interview was concluding, Diana mentioned that she would like to have me meet with the Director, Kristina, and as opposed to having me schedule a time with her, Diana went to her straight away and asked if she was available to meet with me. I get the feeling Diana was more impressed with, or liked me more (that sounds so high school) than Kristina. I do think, however, I did an adequate job of selling myself.

Diana said they wanted someone as soon as possible, but Kristina concluded by telling me to contact the campus at any time, and speak with wither of them if I have any questions. That, too, appeared to be a good sign.

After the interviews, I returned home, ate lunch, and then spent HOURS unpacking a lot of our stuff to put in our bedroom at the house. Seriously – HOURS, from like 1:00 . . . No wait – go back [vrewerewvwrew] (that is the rewind sound. . .) After the interviews, I went to get our storage place checked out. GAH – what a clusterfuck. See – yesterday, in Reno, as I mentioned in an earlier post, we tried to get gas, but Sarah’s debit card was declined. I would have used mine, but – the phone banker women with whom I had spoken late last week – was a fucking retard, and canceled MY debit card. So we used Sarah’s, which has been done like 12 times EVER. As a result – cross country gas, truck rental and storage units seemed very suspicious. Her card was flagged by fraud prevention. Luckily, I was able to get the sitch rectified another way. So – we got gas yesterday, and today – storage.

Now, as I was – I returned home, ate lunch, and then spent HOURS unpacking a lot of our stuff to put in our bedroom at the house. Sarah and I were outside from like 2:30 until 6:00 bringing in stuff. Meanwhile, around 5:45, Pentozzi returned and prepared dinner (we’re spoiled.) After dinner, we hung out, played pinball, and now I am blogging before retiring as I am EXTREMELY tired.

Good night.


~ by shinshige on 16 January 2009.

3 Responses to “Oh, the weather outside is. . .”

  1. I’m afraid to cross my fingers for you, but I am sending some excellent thoughts your way. Please nudge your house mate with a blog and tell him I miss his writing.

  2. I’m working on it (blogging).

    Scott’s grilling steaks and I’m going to brave the kitchen and try my hand at shrimp scampi.

    Thank goodness Eddie organized our fridge – but how am I supposed to find things where they are no where they are supposed to be? Organization sucks. :)

  3. Yes, organization sucks – if you are NOT organized. But, you know what they say . . . “Once you go straight, you never . . . go . . . back. . .” Er – or something like that.

    Oh – and the English language is fooking rediculi.

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