We have to change our plans. . .

First – I blew the post every day this month string. I did not have internet access yesterday. . . Fuck.

Sarah got an email last night. She did not get the job. It sucks.

We are in Salt Lake right now. I am at a coffee shop. Sarah is getting her hair done. The boy is with Sarah’s folks. I need to go get her in like 15 minutes or so.

I’m really bummed about Sarah’s job potential. I know she would have been GREAT for it, and she really should have been hired. But, I wish them the best at the RCC and I hope who they hired does well and everything works out for them.

I really do believe everything happens for a reason, so if this gig was not meant to be – then so be it. I have my interview on Thursday and I am putting the vibes out there. I’m still completely stoked to get to the Bay Area.

Well – I need to go get the Mrs. Talk to you soon.


~ by shinshige on 13 January 2009.

One Response to “We have to change our plans. . .”

  1. Big fat rats with hairy tails. Hope your interview goes well – stay positive!

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