I am Done Using the NaBloPoMo Labeling. ;)

Moving on. . .

We are packing right now. Well, I am blogging right now and Sarah is in the bath. . . We are having dinner with friends tonight (for the last time) and then packing more tomorrow. We will be driving to Salt Lake on Monday, loading more stuff in the truck, staying until Wednesday morning, then driving out to Concord on Wed. I have my interview on Thursday at 11:00 a.m., and hopefully Sarah will get a call on Monday asking her when she will be available to start. . . Woah, you know?

A whole new world, a whole new life. . . I will not be able to pack up all of our stuff from Salt Lake quite yet, which is unfortunate, but we will get it all within a few months. . . We’re already hypothesizing what will happen after we leave Don’s house. Those scenarios are neat. Oh, and we have already reserved a storage place in Concord – not far from the house – less than a mile and a half.

You remember in August, before we came to Idaho, how nervous and anxious I was. . . Well – this time around – no anxiety at all. I have had my old friends (whom I have found on Facebook) make quite a few comments on how this is going to work out and how great it is going to be. . . how I am SUPPOSED to be in the BA, and how this is really kismet. I believe it.

I also believe in fate, karma, paths, etc. . . I think everything we do – we do for a reason. Everything that happens – happens for a reason. . . Everything that we experience – directs us to a greater purpose (if we let it). . . I have used the term “eternal optimist,” to describe myself, in the past. I think this applies here, as well. . .

OK – gotta run. Talk to you soon.



~ by shinshige on 10 January 2009.

One Response to “I am Done Using the NaBloPoMo Labeling. ;)”

  1. Fingers crossed for you and Sarah. Good luck and life in Concord.

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