NaBloPoMo: Day 7.

Are you familiar with chaos theory? The idea that a small, seemingly insignificant change can have wholly unforeseen, yet grossly impact-full changes somewhere down the road . . .

Last Spring, Gavin finally stopped using a diaper. We were stoked. We had been trying for months, if not years, to get him in big boy underwear. Then, we succeeded. He started using the potty by himself and we had no problems for months. Just now, however, I had a realization, and Gavin confirmed it.

Since he has been using the potty, I have been trying to get him to wipe well enough so he would not need grown-up follow-up. He’s been doing OK, but he just went potty again, and all good 4 year-olds do, he asked me to come wipe. So, as I was doing so, I said to him – “Gavin, what’s going to happen when you go to school and I am not here to wipe your butt?” And, as all good 4 year-olds do, he spoke the truth. . .

“My pants will get poopy.”


~ by shinshige on 7 January 2009.

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