NaBloPoMo: Day 3.

I am changing my diet. Last year, Sarah and I started eating more organic and whole foods. I had been feeling crappy, and did some research, realizing what kinds of shit we actually eat every day and what chemicals, as a result, are being introduced into our bodies. About that same time, we started eating a whole lot less meat. I say we were vegetarians, but we were not the rogue warrior veggies some people are. Officially, I will say we were pescatarians, as we would still eat fishes once in a while. Then, what happened? We came to the IYR. We pretty much HAD to eat meat, but what is worse is the amount of processed foods we eat. We have a budget, you know – so white bread and bologna – here we come. . . Meat is served at every meal, and sometimes there are no alternatives, so we eat meat or go hungry. As of last Thursday, I choose to go hungry.

While we are here, I will stick with the no meat thing, although my true wish is to remain organic and as whole as possible. That, obviously, will not happen here. So I need to change what I can while maintaining my sanity. Once we leave ID, then the rest will be much easier to tackle.

Thanks to you all.

~ by shinshige on 3 January 2009.

3 Responses to “NaBloPoMo: Day 3.”

  1. Whether you go vegetarian, vegan, or just cut back on meat consumption eating less processsed foods is always a plus. I try to eat healthy: choose many things that are organic, free range, and whole grain. I can always tell when I’ve strayed to far.

    Here’s to healthier things

  2. I’m feeling bad that I didn’t make other alternatives for the dishes we prepared. Understand that cooking hasn’t been high on my list because Scott cooks most of the time. Here you guys come into town and I make Walnut Chicken, a dish I hadn’t made in 5.5 years…

    Lordy, I’m a bad host.

  3. In an ideal world, my diet would consist of purely organic and whole foods. Nothing processed, nothing enriched, nothing fortified. I would drink neither alcohol nor carbonation and would consume only fresh juices and filtered water. I would not eat meat, and all my proteins would come from whole legumes and beans or whole soy. How’s that for fucked up? I don’t live in an ideal world – so that may not happen. I think I should just resolve to do what I can in that direction. If I cut back on all the rest of the crap, then I may be successful enough to look at myself and be proud. Right now, I am not. But – it’s OK, because I know I will be.

    And Sideon, the food you made was DELISH!!! So, don’t worry about it. Moderation, my friend. Now – stop drinking animal milk. ;)

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