NaBloPoMo: January 2008.

National blog posting month is a group inspired to get folks to blog EVERY DAY of the month on one specified topic. This month (January’s) topic is “Change.” So, I am going to take the challenge. If you are interested, I will post the link at the bottom of this blog.

Day 1:
Change – it happens to everyone and it is inevitable. I took this month’s challenge, primarily, because I am hoping to face quite a few changes in the recent future, here. I am hoping to get out of this job, get out of Idaho, get into Norcal, and just live a kinder, gentler existence. Is that possible? Absolutely. Is it going to happen? Absolutely. Someone ( once told me – “Someone once told me, ‘You’re the one who said that you should change what you don’t like until you like it.'” I think that is great advice. I really do. If misinterpreted, then you can get yourself into a lot of chaotic trouble – but in reality – nothing will get better, or worse for that matter, if nothing ever changes.

All growth occurs because of change. Right? We are not born 6 feet tall, with jobs, and families of our own, are we? No – that growth occurs over time. That is change.

This is a good start.



~ by shinshige on 1 January 2009.

4 Responses to “NaBloPoMo: January 2008.”

  1. Go Shiggy!!! I am excited to be able to read of your upcoming journey with change this month. Nice to see you back in blogger land. :)

  2. Hey shiggy embrace it, make it yours, live it. I wish you good tomorrows and lots of great blogs.

  3. Excellent. I’m glad you’re going for this challenge. I like when you write. You’ve pushed me to think and be willing to think differently on multiple issues, starting with the lessening desire to throw things at you when you utter certain phrases about hats.

    Yeah, I dig you.

  4. Angie – Thanks for the welcome back. I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew – so I am going to say, just one month at a time. We’ll see what comes of February and beyond. ;)

    Cele – Now I have double duty on Thursdays. Yay!!!

    And – Sideon – you’re an asshat. Is that what you mean? ;)

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