What’s the Buzz?

Tell me what’s happenin’.

You know – not everything about this place sucks. There are some really cool staff, with whom I get along quite famously. The snow looks pretty. I get to work with kids. I’m with my family and my dog all the time.

OK – I’m really trying, but I can not think of anything else. I was hoping this would be an inspiring post. A “hey, everyone, look how great my job is,” post. Alas, that is not the case.

My life is a different story, however: I wake up every morning. I’m not sick very often. My family and I are healthy, so I have that much going for me. Oh well – I have to go. I need to go shovel the fucking wind drifted snow that just keeps coming and coming and coming, leaving little peace.



~ by shinshige on 22 December 2008.

3 Responses to “What’s the Buzz?”

  1. Do you need a hug? I am concerned.

  2. I think of the things you have learned during this portion of the journey. The things you have found that are of importance to you. The things that will stay with you. Be peace my friend.

  3. Yes, Brandon. I always need a hug. . .

    You know, Cele, interestingly enough, I had a meeting with our girls last night, in the lodge, and the topic ended up being about how life is a journey, not a destination. Then, I look on here, and you are writing about just that idea. It’s really quite fascinating.

    As I said, my overall well being is in tact. However, my professional well being is bleh!!! So, am I psychologically (relatively) sound . . . just needing a jump start in other spheres.

    Thanks, all. . .

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