Talk Thursday: “second-class citizen”

OK – I’ll bite.

I find the passage of PROP 8 to be one of many ill-concieved statutes to have been passed in the last 10 years.  I was just IMing a friend about this topic.  This is some of our conversation:

Me:  I find it ludicrous that the same year we elect a black President, three states criminalize lifestyles. It’s fucking ridiculous.

Him:  . . . but I can’t help feeling like where were all of these people when they were protesting BEFORE the vote? what good is this protest gonna do now?

Me: It is a stand for what is right issue. Segregation laws existed for centuries in this country – and people continued to stand for what it right. That’s all we can do now. Show a united front – gay, straight, and in-between. Minorities should not be legislated as inferior – regardless of why that group is a minority.

I truly believe that.  If I need to quit everything I do for the next ten years to defend sexual rights in this country, I may do just that.  Hopefully, my wife will support me. . .

I just do NOT understand how the people in this country think.  How can any rational person not see a direct corrolary between discrimination based on color and discrimination based on sexual preference?  OK – so the bible says homosexuality is a sin.  It also says it is our responsibility to kill those sinners.  Are we doing that?  No – and why not?  It’s incongruous.  If your argument is a religious one – then live that.  If it is a discriminatory one – then get over yourself.  Am I arguing death to homos?  Absolutely not – just the opposite.  Live a fucking Christian life if that is your idea.  Jesus expressly said to love your neighbour – not criminalize him.  Come on folks.  What the fuck?

~ by shinshige on 7 November 2008.

2 Responses to “Talk Thursday: “second-class citizen””

  1. I am so mad about these stupid votes. True Christians live their lives a certain way. This isn’t it. (Not that I live my life the way I want to, I fail every day, but totally blind prejudice just doesn’t cut it).

    Please post oftener…

  2. I always loved the comment about living in glass houses, it seemed so appropirate an application for ones own life, just rarily applied by those who truly should. I am a Christian, and I pretty much believe I need to 1) turn the other cheek (becuase I’ve a lot of cheekieness) 2) do unto one as I would want done to me 3) treat all people as equal and with respect 4) judge not least I be judged myself.

    So hand me a sign, I’ll show up. Barring increased airfair and additional fees for checking the sign.

    And as much as it might seem like it because of my flippant cheekiness, I’m fricken’ pissed. I already blogged my heart out on this one.

    Oh btw good to see you back on Talk Thursday.

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