Talk Thursday: Soothing Naturals.

‘Bout a decade ago, I remember visiting you at your new home. We had met a few years prior, and had formed a close bond, relatively quickly. There was just something about the way our energy flowed that allowed for us to be honest and open with each other without fear of stepping on one another’s toes. It was an instant relationship, a formidable friendship. . .

My journeys had taken me to the farthest reaches of Asia, the nation’s capitol, and to the land of our Northern neighbours. I had been to the west coast, in all three states, but never in the region had I found myself with you. It was new and exciting. It was somewhere I had always wanted to go, but had never had a reason. You were that reason.

One day, we went to lunch at a café overlooking the beach. It was the stuff dreams are made of. The food was simple, yet rich in ways one palate has difficulty translating. The site was artful, yet it radiated an air of naturalness that gave it depth and meaning outside what members of the mundane world could recognize – should recognize. The fair, young people who were employed at the estaminet knew what they were doing, and knew what they were there to do. It was magickal.

Not far from where we dined, we discovered a stretch of beach, not within sight of main thoroughfares, where the occupants felt able to be free from the artificial confines put upon us by the invisible hand of Western Culture. The inhabitants of this beach were from all walks of life and liberty. There were young and old; tall and short; rotund and thin; black, white, brown, red, and yellow. What there was not, however, was ugly. Not one denizen of this den of sinless wonder could be considered anything but beautiful. It was unnatural in its overwhelming nature. It was soothing. It was real.

The ability to be free of society, in the center of it all, was what drew us in. We looked at one another with eyes anew. With eyes-a-nude, we began to traverse the dunes leading to the beach. It was then I saw a beauty of fantasy. A body so taut, so silky, so perfectly formed. A frame most closely described as that of a Greco-Roman deity. What began as a midday lunch had turned into a dream from which I never wanted to awaken. I had been transported to a land of soothing naturals. It is there I spend all my nights. In awe, inspired, in search, involved. . . in love.


~ by shinshige on 14 October 2008.

2 Responses to “Talk Thursday: Soothing Naturals.”

  1. Ooh, intrigue. I’d like to experience this land free of society’s clenching paws.

  2. Ahhhh, very sublime.

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