Youth and their care.

When people work with youth, rather – when people CHOOSE to work with youth, my assumption is they see a cause, greater than themselves, in their work. That is, they see the potential which is inherent in youth and believe they have what is necessary to bring that potential to reality for the betterment of society.

What I have seen, on a number of occasions unfortunately, is not that possession of higher purpose, but some other desire or motivation for the job. While employed as a teacher, I worked directly with an adult who appeared to have a disdain for adolescents. She was a teacher, dean of students, and supervisor within the school. Simply mind boggling.

I once worked with a woman who had less common sense than a jack rabbit. As I was making rounds one evening, I smelled natural gas coming from somewhere between the two residential dorms. I followed the smell the girls’ dorm, and discovered a pipe had cracked in the laundry room, and natural gas was rushing out into the living quarters. 60 girls and 4 staff, all walking around as though nothing was going on. To my dismay, the staff member in question was attempting to place a phone call into the boys’ dorm, to reach me. I walked into the office, and the first thing she said to me was, “I think there is a gas leak.” The place smelled like a natural gas refinery. As it turns out, this woman had asked some of the girls to help her clean the laundry room, and in the process of moving one of the clothes dryers from the wall, had actually cracked a pipe in half. Not only did she not think to remove all the occupants from the building, she also failed to tell the residents to not use the microwave (located in the laundry room) as a means to pop popcorn. Again I say – simply mind boggling.

I am now peers with a couple who do not feel they are peers with anyone. They do feel the higher calling to work with troubled adolescents. However, their calling is one from the Lord. They are directed by God’s will. Now, do not get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for those who are committed to their faith, and if they feel God has commanded them, then more power to them – IF the commandment is to do good for others. There is this manifestation on our campus as well. They, too, feel they are guided by God, but their intentions seem pure. The former couple, however, I believe, are working under the guise of doing God’s will – not for the betterment of society, but for some bastardized sense of self-righteous intent. If they do this type of job, then they will reap the rewards, you see. . .

I would rather not go into much detail regarding these folks as they are still here, and we still have to work together.  In all actuality, I have only addressed this from a personal perspective, not citing any professional indiscretions with the job.  I am sure they will come out later.



~ by shinshige on 5 October 2008.

2 Responses to “Youth and their care.”

  1. They only think they are directed by God’s will. My Pastor talks about this a lot – it’s kind of like the Pharisees, only concerned about living within the law and their reward for that, rather than living to what’s right and what makes sense.

    (Sorry, but people like that give me a bad name and it irritates the holy living hell out of me. Now I said hell. On Sunday. Must go.)

    Having a family member who has been deeply helped by your employer – I am SO glad people like YOU and your wife work there.

  2. Lost said it very well.

    Sadly you can’t teach common sense. Example. I was watching LA Ink the other night and this guy brough in an aquarium of rattlesnakes in to get the texture of the tat right. Everyone wanted to touch them. huh?

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