Talk Thursday: Back to School.

In 1991, my father died of cancer induced pneumonia. I was 16. He was having issues with the muscles in his face. His doctor misdiagnosed him with Bell’s Palsy, gave him some drugs, and sent him home. that was near Halloween. By Thanksgiving, he was bedridden, and on December 6th, he died. That was over half my life ago.

I have three siblings, none of whom graduated from high school with their class. The eldest never did go back, and has yet to acquire a HS diploma. The other two did, one actually graduating early, but not for traditional reasons, and the other completed through the alternate program, but graduated nonetheless. In fact, he continued a few years later, and completed an Associates of Applied Science degree from Mountain West College. The other, my sister, went to a nursing trade school for a while, I believe, but that was not seen to fruition. The AAS student just recently began speaking with me about going back to school, and not only completing a bachelor’s degree, but possible even doing a graduate program. It is never too late, says I.

I myself, never considered doing anything but school. Graduating HS was a no-brainer, and college was just what you did. My parents taught me that from a young age. Apparently they did not teach that to my siblings. So, in 1993, I graduated from HS. It was not difficult, but it was not easy, either. I had no father to lead me into that part of my life. He was not there to see his first child actually graduate with his HS class, in the traditional manner. He did not see me receive my acceptance letter to Westminster, and he did not see me walk up to the President of the school 5 years later, and pretend to graduate with college degree. ;) He missed my first girlfriend, was not there to steer me away from drugs, not there to speak with me about sex, was not there to be the authority when my mother was such a pacifist. All that was kind of blown, you know?

Here it is, almost 17 years later. Shit.

Two years ago, I started teaching high school. I began to enroll in courses to get my teaching certification, so I could be a real life, honest to goodness teacher, as opposed to the just real, live, honest, and good teacher. I quit teaching, and subsequently quit those classes, but I was back in school mode. Now, I am in my first year of a Master’s of Education degree. Hmmmm. . . Back to school, you say? Did we really ever leave? What is school? Who are your teachers? I learn every day. Something.

Being back in the blogosphere, I realize I learn from different people here all the time. Just look at my blogroll and you will see some of the most special people in my life. They are my teachers. You are my teacher.


~ by shinshige on 21 September 2008.

3 Responses to “Talk Thursday: Back to School.”

  1. Very eloquent.

    Just having seen my dad through cancer surgery, I realize how lucky I am to have more years to look forward to with him, as well as the fact I’ve had him for almost 42 years already. Sometimes we don’t appreciate these things enough.

  2. And some days, you’re my teacher.

  3. While it comes 17 years too late, because I didn’t know you then, you have my sorrow for your loss. And it seems a spanning statement. The loss of loved ones in our lives, especially in the early years when we need steering, seems to make a larger (and oft times) unseen impact on our personal experience.

    I lost my dad in December, I feel his presence everyday in my life and I know I am not alone. My father believed in learning from life, but it was a lesson he never saw working in himself (it did though.) You have so many gifts inside of you, so many people in life need the gifts inside of you, teach and share, reach out and touch. Be the message and the experience.

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