Rule 5: You can take off your birthday month if you want to. . .

My birthday was 31 August. In my rule book, bloggers can take off the month of their birth if they are so inclined.

I am alive. For those of you who have missed me – I am here. Say it loud, I’m [insert cause here] and proud.

Wow – I am not sure where to begin. Well, how about I now live in Idaho. Yes, THAT Idaho. The land of Napoleon Dynamite. Yes, THAT Napoleon Dynamite. Well, not exactly where he is from. He lives in Preston, and I live in Rupert. But they are essentially the same thing. A few less Mormons here, I think. I have been to Preston, however. Preston is Utah State University’s answer to Utah liquor laws. Right across the border (essentially). And really, I am not exactly IN Rupert. I am outside of Rupert. I now live and work at the Idaho Youth Ranchi (the Ranch Campus). A lot has happened since my last blog post. Hmmmmmm . . .

Sarah and I moved up to ID to help at-risk youth work through their problems and gain a better perspective on life. You know what they say – “Those who can’t do; teach. . .” ;) Just kidding. My life is no more fucked up than the next guy’s (or girl’s). So – there is the job thing. Moving up here actually saved two job situations. You all should have read Sarah’s job issues in the last few posts. Mine was not much better. A voila – here we are. In Idaho . . .

What else? Oh yeah – I have officially started graduate school. The great city of Logan called my name, and I answered emphatically. So, I have begun a Master’s of Education degree from Utah State Universityii. Go me.

Here’s my run down of the last 6 weeks (in no particular order).

  1. I have stopped training for my marathon. Not intentionally – I’m just a slacker. I will let you know when I start up again.
  2. I think Joe Biden is a great choice for Barack. For the record, however, I would have preferred Tom Daschle.
  3. I think Sarah Palin is a fucking joke. Way to lose the election Senator McCain. If, however, the Repubs pull off another win, I will officially lose what little respect I have left of Americans. Grow some fucking nuts already, folks. God forbid you actually stand up for what IS right, not for THE Right.
  4. I got a rocking birthday present from Don. Thank you, love.
  5. I am glad Gustav and Ike did not cause more problems than they did.
  6. Cuba – stop letting hurricanes into the gulf, would you? Will you ever be able to stop things from invading you from the East?
  7. Russia – leave fucking Georgia alone already, would you?
  8. Lindsay Lohan is still hot.
  9. Idaho is cold.
  10. . . . and windy . . . REALLY, really windy.
  11. Loreena McKennitt was my inspiration for writing tonight (in case anyone was wondering).
  12. Ohhh, I have an assload of Talk Thursdays to catch up on. I may do that. ;) That would be neat.

Ok – That’s it for now. I should probably retire. It is a bit late, and I am a bit sleepy. Ciao, folks. Thanks to you for not giving up on me.



~ by shinshige on 14 September 2008.

4 Responses to “Rule 5: You can take off your birthday month if you want to. . .”

  1. Shiggy you’re back! Glad you stopped by my space.

    I was hoping you took the job. It is very worthy as my famiy can attest.

    Rupert IS windy. Come to Boise in a few months and look me up. It’s not windy and way beautiful and there are VERY MUCH LESS Mormons (not that there’s anything wrong with a lot, but you konw…)

    Once you get east of Twin Falls you’re in all kinds of trouble, but west of there we’re pretty cool. :)

    Oh yeah, and Sarah Palin, Larry Craig and my husband all went to the same University. But don’t hold it against my husband…

  2. HAHAHA. I was in Twin a couple weeks ago. The river valley totally took me by surprise. I had NO idea. It was breath taking. . .

    Larry Craig and Sarah Palin – that would be a great ticket. :P

    It’s good to be back.

  3. Yay! You’re back. And, yes, sex, then Gilmore Girls, and the same sequence happened the other night, too! I’M the one who receives gay accusations.

    Next year, will you please remind us all of your fifth rule BEFORE it happens?

  4. Ya know, I hit the big FORTY and I managed to blog during my b-day month. Here you are, a spring chicken, and you take the whole damn month off?

    Okay, it’s not like you had major stuff going on or anything. Sheesh.

    I’m happy that you and your family are doing well, that you’re gainfully employed, that you’re in a masters program, that you’re writing again, and that you’re my friend.


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