Hello everyone.

Most of you, who read this and keep somewhat in touch, don’t really know me.  I had this revelation the other day.  Truth be told, only like 6 or 7 people who read what I have to say, do I know in the real world.  That being said – I want to think my life is not always this chaotic.

Since February, this so called life of mine has been a veritable roller coaster. If you are new to me, then you would likely think this is always how my life is . . . and you would be mostly correct. See – I am the type who likes to think things will always get better rather than worse. (At least in the long run.) In the short run, however, we experience corrections. I think that is what this year has been. A correction. A correction I would have rather not had, but a correction, nonetheless.

Now – in terms of the job – I have not really expounded on it in this forum. So, I will now. Well, let me step back. This job. The current job in the wings. OK – It is at the Idaho Youth Ranch. The IYR is located in Rupert, Idaho. That is about 3½ hours from Salt Lake and really, in the middle of nothing but farm land – and yes, it is Idaho, so most of the crops are potatoes. The job itself is difficult for me to explain, so I am just going to cut and paste from the IYR website, which, for reference, is http://www.youthranch.org.

The Lodge Parent couples have primary responsibility for the supervision and mentoring of 8-10 youth residents. The successful LP ensure that youth attend classes and maintain a home-like nurturing environment while establishing youth home family rituals and traditions. The LP builds trust and provides consistent emotional support through praise, affection, and empathy. The LP recognizes youth achievement while setting limits for behavior and establishing goals for the future. The LP facilitates positive interaction by exhibiting effective communication skills and developing strong mutually respectful relationships with the youth in the Lodge. The LP teaches and encourages assigned children in the development of good habits and values. The LP normally work a schedule of five days on and two days off. The LP couple works together as one cohesive unit, under the supervision of the Program Director. Lodge Parents are supported by on-site professional staff including: Master’s level Clinicians, Educational Specialist, Recreation Specialist, Equine Therapy/Livestock Specialist, Program Director, Maintenance staff and Cook (who helps LP’s and youth prepare meals).


1. Lodge is an inviting environment for youth, families and community;
2. Lodge conditions help youth, family and employees feel safe and secure;
3. Lodge Parents are well trained to provide services for youth;
4. Residents and families are properly orientated during the intake process;
5. Program services are coordinated in a way that enhances the residents’ stay;
6. Lodge Parents are trained and orientated on program philosophy;
7. Documentation is kept in compliance with agency and regulatory agencies’ standards;
8. Lodge Parents are an integral part of the family environment.

As for whether or not we are actually going, it is still a little up in the air. I spoke with the director of the program on Friday, and he said he was ready that morning to send us an offer, but he was waiting from corporate to get him some paper work. He said it would be today (hopefully) but as of this writing, I have yet to hear from him. If I hear nothing by Tuesday afternoon, then I will email him. If I still hear nothing be Wednesday, then I will call. I’ll keep you posted.

Oh, and everyone, thanks for listening.

So, there you have it. Sarah and I will be going to Idaho, with Gavin, to take care of strangers’ kids. A new job, a new life. . .


~ by shinshige on 14 July 2008.

5 Responses to “Update.”

  1. Hey there,

    My cousin’s kid is there right now. It has been truly a Godsend for him and done much good…I hope you get it, though I don’t “know” you you seem to be the person these kids need. Cool, firm, understanding!


  2. Sometimes kids need someone else, my fingers are crossed that you and Sarah are those someone elses. Keep us up to date – and good luck my friend.

  3. Congratulations? I cannot tell if it is excitement or resignment I read herein…

  4. so uh, is this part of the Aspen Education Group?? How would it compare to our esteemed former employer?

  5. Heh. No – it is in fact, NOT a part of AEG (which has subsequently been bought by another conglomerate, by the way.) It is a non-profit funded mainly by thrift stores and private donors. So – nada like Aspen.

    Actually, I am pretty stoked about the whole deal. I’ll keep y’all posted.

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