Talk Thursday: Sex in the City.

When I present topics, I never know in which direction I, myself, will go with it. This is definitely one of those cases. I am going to write to you today about my most recent experience regarding “Sex in the City.” More correctly, however, I will tell you – this should be called, “Getting Fucked in Murray City.”

Two years ago, in the summer of 2006, I traded in my 2000 Nissan Sentra for a 2003 Nissan Xterra. It has run pretty well for quite some time, with only minor issues I would expect to occur in a couple year old automobile. This spring, however, I ran into an issue I did not expect, nor did I know exactly how to proceed. My air conditioner stopped working. I turned it on a few months ago, and “. . . ahhhhhh – no cool air.”

Well, we are planning on turning in this gas-chugging behemoth and getting a much more fuel efficient vehicle in a few months. In order to get the most bang for our buck, we figured the A/C should be working. Makes sense, yeah?

I spoke with a few people about what I should do to alleviate this problem. The consensus was to get a charge kit from an auto parts store for around $20.00. “Shit,” I thought, “that’s worth it.” So – on Thursday, 03 July, I went to Checker to purchase said charge kit. To my chagrin, the kit cost $40.00, not $20.00. I was bummed. For those keeping tabs, this is not the fucking. As I opened the hood, to attach the charge kit, I noticed a belt hanging over the front of the engine bracket. Upon reviewing the user’s manual, I noted this belt was, in fact, the belt for the A/C compressor. So, I returned the charge, and bought a replacement belt. That WAS actually the $20.00 I expected to spend. ;)

As I looked over the placement of the belt, I came across an issue I did not foresee. That is, it appeared as though the fan assembly needed to be removed just to put on this belt. So, I called Tim Dahle Nissan of Murray to see what they would charge me to replace the belt – thus began the GREAT A/C FUCK OF 2008. I was told ½ hour labor is all it would be. That equates to right around $50.00. So, now I am in $70.00 total. OK, I say, let’s do it. I took the vehicle to the dealership and an hour later, drove away in my newly A/C’d interior. I rolled up the windows for the first time in months, cranked up that bad boy, and got belted with HOT AIR. “What the . . .”

I turned around and drove back into the garage. “Is there a problem, Edward?” was my greeting. Yes, I explained – it’s still not working. So, the nice service advisor, Mike In, said they would look at it. $330.00 later, they had replaced the “low side hose” and recharged the system. I don’t know what a low side hose is, but I know it’s expensive. And, really, I’m a little pissed about the outrageous charges for this shit. Note the cumulative total of $400.00.

Well, here it is Tuesday, 08 July, and I am sitting at Tim Dahle Nissan of Murray for the third time. I went to visit my grandmother yesterday. On the way home, I turned on the A/C and guess what? HOT FUCKING AIR. So, here I sit. This time it is the “high side hose.” Ohhh, guess how sweet the nice service advisor, Mike In, is? They are not going to charge me again for the refrigerant re-charge. Thanks, man. But – they are charging me ANOTHER $220.00 for the hose and labor. $102.00 an hour labor and $120.00 for the part (plus taxes and fees and shit . . .) By the time I leave today, I will probably have spent closer to $250.00. So – add that to the $400.00 already spent, and Tim Dahle will have fucked me for well over $600.00. Fuck off, Tim, et al.

Oh, and yeah – I did talk to the advisor about cutting me a deal, and when he said there was nothing he could do, I went to the service manager. Guess what he said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Bennett, there is nothing I can do.” Of course there is – ass. You just don’t want to.


~ by shinshige on 8 July 2008.

8 Responses to “Talk Thursday: Sex in the City.”

  1. Oh i am so sorry!!! That bites! If i had six hundred dollars I would give it to you. : )

  2. My one & only car was a Nissan! I loved it until things started to go wrong & I was forever out of pocket with the darn thing. Whether fortunate or not in 2003 when some dickwad pulled an illegal u-turn in front of me to which I slammed into him writing the Nissan off in an instant, I knew my days of forking out $$$ for repairs were over.

    I still to this day don’t own a vehicle.

    But I know hwo you feel. It is a big rip off the labour charges, more so!

  3. Oh mi god you got totally fucked without benefit of personal touch. Shit. Somehow this sounds totally unethical. I’m also thinking you need to be a lot more vocal about it. hmmm How much is an ad in the Tribune?

    I still have no idea how I’m going to attach this topic.

  4. This was not nearly as nice as sex.

    I hate car dealerships. Sorry you are getting screwed in a bad way!!

  5. Y’all rock.

    So, life is looking better these days, so I hope to be blogging more. Look forward to hearing more from me. Oh – and for those who have been asking – I will write more of the smouldery stuff in the near future.

  6. Wow, sorry about getting fucked in Murray City.

    This makes me want to post something a little happier to balance out the anger in the blog universe.


  7. Oh UGH. I’m sorry. And it sucks to not even get to enjoy having cool air long enough to make the $600 worth it. Sigh.

  8. Guess what? I finally did trade in that car. In January 2017. And guess what else? The A/C NEVER worked again.

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