Follow-up Response to This Week’s Talk Thursday.

Cold showers, in fact, do not a relaxed person make. Physiologically, cold is a stimulant, so when one find oneself in any manner of excited state, it is more apropos to take a warm shower, thus relaxing said person. If, when one finds oneself in such an excited state, and proceeds to take a cold shower, the stimulating effects of the cold would accentuate the excitement, thus exacerbating the problem.

FYI. . .


~ by shinshige on 5 June 2008.

10 Responses to “Follow-up Response to This Week’s Talk Thursday.”

  1. I would imagine. Dude, that was a “hawt” piece of writing. You could make a living doing Harlequin novels. (perhaps not a mark of a true artiste, but I bet those folks make some money).

  2. Well, hell. I got a lot of positive response to that post. Was not expecting it. Thanks, LiU.

    And, yeah – those folks make bank.

  3. Why on God’s green earth wouldn’t you expect possitive responses to hawt!!!! writing? And oh, yeah, cold water makes me loose all interest on anything other than getting warm. Kind of like pain, kills all joy…the thought of it might me inticing, but the reality is a killjoy.

    Your writing on the other hand, hawt.


  4. So…. actually, my friend, the idea behind the cold shower bit is to cause SHRINKAGE! THAT is why it is a good idea to shower one’s self with frigidness when one is… ummmm… standing at attention. The cold water causes one’s family jewels to crawl up inside and deflate anything that is standing at attention. :)

  5. Angie my dear I think as a guy, Shiggy is probably familiar with the effect…. just sayin’. ;)

  6. Angie… shrinkage may happen to the jewels, but if one is standing at attention… it doesn’t matter what temperature the water is :)

    At least in my years of… experience.

  7. ha ha, that is something I didn’t know. Thankyou Sid.

  8. As much as the cold shower is reputed to have a “chilling” effect on penile attentiveness, I have seen first hand (no pun intended) the effect of heat absolutely melting said attentiveness into complete, although temporary, uselessness.

    Works like a charm. Need a break from bad sex? Entice your erstwhile lover into the hottub for a lingering exploration of flaccidity.

    May not work for everyone all the time, but it worked for me just when I needed it on an overnight adventure to Wendover with a husband I was soon to divorce. Bitter? Not at all. Just pragmatic. Would I do it again? Never. I won’t need to because I won’t hang out (pun intended) in that way with someone like him again.

    Only good love for me from now on.

    (To Jenniphur – Oh yeah, I know I know. TMI TMI! Cover your eyes and ears! I didn’t really say it! It was someone else! Vile Imposter!!!!!)

  9. I am enlightened! Thank you for the explanation Sid. Never having had an attached penis, I am going only on what I “hear”… like on the infamous Seinfeld “shrinkage” episode where George is ticked cuz his soon-to-be girlfriend loses interest when she walks in on him in the nude after swimming in the cold lake. I was imagining, by his reaction, that “shrinkage” referred to the tool itself, not its buddies. I am duly chastised, enlightened and will never make THAT mistake again! :)

  10. Be careful Angie. Sideon’s point only applies when said object is at attention. When just stepping out of a cold pool, other shrinkage may still apply. . .

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