I can’t sleep.

It is 3:50 am. I got a sunburn on my shoulders Sunday while working in my yard. It did not bother me that night, but tonight – holy shit. I have been tossing and turning since 12:00 (which is about when I went to sleep). This sucks. I’m tired, but oh well . . .

~ by shinshige on 3 June 2008.

7 Responses to “I can’t sleep.”

  1. Get a bottle of either Vicks Vaporub or Mentholatum and rub that generously on your sunburn. Not only will it cool the burn, it will also release its eucalyptus vapors and help you sleep. (I know it sounds crazy, but my doctor recommended this to me for a particularly nasty sunburn I acquired one summer. It works.)

  2. I recommend a good SPF sunblock, please. I’ve already had my first bout of skin cancer.

    I guess asking for pictures of your yard will get me called Butthead again. Right Beavis?


  3. Being one who is prone to burn if I even so much as look out the window at the sunshine, I can relate my friend. All too often, I can relate. Sorry to hear you are toasty…

  4. Oh, I hate sunburns. I’m sorry. No fun.

  5. This is one time when being “hot” is not a good thing.

    Sorry ’bout the burn.

  6. Ouch. Things are always worse the 2nd day – sore muscles, as an example. Hope you sleep better tonight.

  7. Aloe – slather generously. Ibuprofen. Lots of water – LOTS.

    For NEXT time: sunscreen with at least 15 spf, silly buns. Yes, on your buns too, if you’re going au naturale.

    Don’t forget, please – give my regards to Helen. We once drank a bottle of port (from a Spanish ambassador?) when she was in DC and I was back there doing a training. Fantastic night. Not sure HOW I got back to my hotel.


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