On Non-monogamy.

Overall, the combined weight of biological material on the earth is estimated to be about 75 billion tons. Of this, humans comprise only about 250 million tons (0.33%), compared to oceanic krill, which is about 500 million tons (0.67%), farm animals at 700 million tons (almost 1%), and domestic crops at 2 billion tons (2.7%).

Monogamy is a cultural trait. It is not a natural law, or even that common in nature. All plants, in fact, need many suitors to spread their seeds effectively, and as seen above, domestic crops alone comprise 8 times the amount of mass as humans. Insects, which make up an even greater portion of the Earth’s biomass (one Finnish study produced a terrestrial animal biomass of ants alone of 10% – which is 30 times greater than that of humans), are non-monogamous. I can not imagine what the rest of the insect world would weigh in at – but all non-monogamous.

Humans, as I have stated many times before, quite clearly, are arrogant. We think, simply because we evolved into a sentient beast, that we actually developed some sort of dominion over the land and the laws of nature. Did the dinosaurs do that? Shit – they ruled for a time that dwarfs our own by a factor of hundreds of thousands. We suck.

Polygamy, in our culture, lies outside the norms of our society. This, to me, is unnatural. We are a part of this Universe, no better than any other creature of nature, yet we define ourselves by a different set of laws.

This all came about today, for me, by the way, because I read a Texas appellant court ruled against he seizure of all those kids in the polygamous compound there, last month. People should have the rights to practice whatever sexual predilection they desire. Our barbaric laws should not get in the way of what has been happening in nature for nearly 5 billion years (on this planet alone).

Now – there is one caveat to this, and I think this is the same caveat a lot of proponents of sexual freedom present: That is, children are not free game for predatory fucks. The caveat allows for consenting adults to do as they please, and if they happen to choose the unnatural way of polygamy, then so be it, but pedophilia is still a no-no. Asshats.


~ by shinshige on 22 May 2008.

7 Responses to “On Non-monogamy.”

  1. I’m curious… what DOES an asshat look like?

    oh… and… thought-provoking post

  2. Relationships are defined by the people in them. Some choose to practice commitment and fidelity. Some choose polyandry. Some choose deep emotional commitment but are not physically exclusive.

    What riles me are those who want to dictate my relationships for me. I love who I love – and that’s not anyone else’s concern or care.

  3. I am a monogamaous person, crap I would get the names all mixed up and piss off someone. Oh, wait been there done that.

    What people chose inside their own relationships is their decision, I just ask they practice safe sex. Other than that who am I to say what is right or wrong when I continually screw up my own choices.

    But children are to be protected, society deems children of protectable age 18, in Texas the age of consent is 17. How many girls under the age of 17 in ElDorado are under that age? They may not have a legal leg to stand on and have to send back the little boys, but damn are all those pregnant young teen girls enough proof that there is abuse?

  4. serious word missage above, it should read…

    How many girls under the age of 17 in Eldorado are pregnant and under that age?

  5. So…are you saying that you think polygamy is natural according to the laws of nature? I disagree, if that is what you’re saying.

    Why is it natural for a man to have multiple wives but a woman to have one husband? I think it’s far more natural to have polyamory.

  6. I take issue with polygamy from a lot of angles, but mostly because of the purely patriarchal and usually ecclesiastical way it is enforced. The freedom of religion angle is twisted so it’s almost impossible to be free FROM religion and the mindfuck it can create. It’s all “God’s will” — blame it on some weird version of God. One question I would ask is what kind of God would create such a miserable situation, and what kind of people would follow such an entity? My short answers: A Demon, and very blind people who were kept in the dark and never got to see another system for comparison sake. A very fearful bunch.

    I really don’t like religion because it’s so easy for cruel, power hungry people to influence the naive or weak and enslave them in just this way. If it is perpetuatesd for a few generations, civilization step backward.

    It isn’t really about sex. It’s all about abuse of power and enslavement of the spirit.

    No Thanks!

  7. Lynn – I agree.

    SML – I actually agree with you. I mis-wrote. I should have used polyamory instead of polygamy in the 4th paragraph. I knew what I meant, and do know the difference (hence all the reference to non-monogamy, and not polygamy.) I think polyandry is just as prevalent in the natural order. Actually, probably more so – given the biology of female pregnancy, at least in the animal kingdom.

    Sid – I agree relationships SHOULD be defined by the people in them, and in reality, that is the case, but in the world, reality is not what really happens. Reality is obscured by the ways of the world and the bullshit the masters put out there. The veil of “this”existance, if you will.

    Thanks, all.

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