Life Could be a Dream.

The Crew Cuts once graced us with the line, “Life could be a dream,” followed by, “If I could take you up in paradise up above,” and, “If only all my precious plans would come true.” Ain’t it the truth, you know?

Life COULD be a dream. If only all my precious plans WOULD come true. If I COULD take you up to paradise up above.

I believe our lives are not as bad as we make them out to be. Humans fascinate me. We are a strange being, we are. We like to complain. Example: Gavin woke up at 5:45 yesterday and again at 5:55 this morning. He usually get up between 7:30 and 8:00, so this bothers me. I don’t get up until 6:30, so he, by getting up early, in turn gets me up early. So, you see – I get upset that my son wakes up early. How utterly ridiculous is that? Pretty fucking ridiculous. Every day, in this city, state, country, and world – there are hundreds of thousands of parents who have children not waking up. I’m petty.

Life is what we make it. A dream or a reality. My house is too big, my SUV uses too much gas, I ingest too many chemicals. That is not my dream. People all over the west dream for bigger, better, badder. I dream for Thoreau. That cat has been dead for almost 150 years, and he knew more about our world than we ever will. Simplify, simplify. How ironically simple is that?

So – here we are. I love my son. I am eternally thankful he gets to wake up every morning, climb out of bed, and walk into my bedroom. That puts him way ahead of the game. Don’t be selfish, Eddie. Be thankful. I used to tell people that. I was a smart kid in college. (Well, about most things.) Life and how to live it was one of those things. I used to be grateful for the ability to wake up in the morning. I am still grateful. I just forget, sometimes.



~ by shinshige on 21 May 2008.

3 Responses to “Life Could be a Dream.”

  1. I like your reminder to keep it all in perspective. I’ve been complaining for days about my cough, and there are people dying of painful lung cancer who’d give anything for my lungs.

  2. Thanks, Sister. I think that was my intention. I’m not sure, but I think so . . . ;)

  3. the line you omitted from this charming song was “if you would tell me I’m the only one that you love” which is in direct contradiction with your non-monogamy post. An interesting, and note-worthy observation. My question is, was that conscience or sub-conscience??? Oh yes, and btw, life would be a dream if you would tell me I’m the only that you love! Muwah!

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