I don’t write enough.

That’s what I think. I spoke with Sideon and Cele when I was in San Francisco. They talked about blogging and I got intrigued. I, in fact, did have a blog quite some time ago, but it went be the wayside. I just stopped writing one day, then every once in a while I would write a little more. . . Then, eh.

Then, San Francisco happened. I fell in love all over again, with lots of stuff, and the blogosphere was one of the stuffs. So, I recreated a new blog – posted it here, and viola. But – if you look to the right, you will see my calendar. Lots of highlighted dates last month, not so much this month. I want to write more. So – here you are. A post talking about me writing posts. That’s odd, but not to me.

Last Thursday’s Talk Thursday topic created a bit of a stir. That intrigued me, too. So much so, I did not write on it. Hmmmm, what’s up with that? I should do a retro piece on that topic. Oh yeah, and last week, I posted a joke on Sunday, and labeled it Sunday Funnies, with full intention of starting a tradition. Oops – It’s Monday and I failed in posting a joke yesterday. So, I will do so here, in a minute.

OK – this got my juices flowing, so I will write again tomorrow.

Farewell, cruel world.

Oh and p.s. – I may need to edit my blogroll in some capacity, so I can keep track of those I really want to. Ciao. Loves.


~ by shinshige on 19 May 2008.

5 Responses to “I don’t write enough.”

  1. Shiggy I don’t think its a question of writing too much or not enough, it is a question of being inspired to write something. The kewl thing about certain bloggers, ie you and Sid both is that even when you ramble it is compelling. You bring up ideas that make a person consider their own stand, think outside the box, and see a new perpective.

    In other words your blog is just as interesting to read as talking with you. But you shoudln’t be self pressured to perform, because we’ll be here to read when the right urge hits you.

  2. Ah, well, thank you, ma’am. I don’t disagree. ;)

  3. I am smiling because there are several bloggers I read whose posts, as of late, were very similar to this one here. Must be something in the wind or the water… glad you are here, Shiggy! :)

  4. Hi Seiz – I know the feeling. Having just started my blog about the same time you did, and knowing that for almost a week I haven’t written, I am giving myself the same flak. I got flak from Jenniphur too. Lovingly, though.

    I’m writing a blog about this same subject and a bunch more. My problem is initially parking my butt in front of the laptop and going for it. Once there, I have fun. So I’m going to schedule in my recreational writing more often so I can have more fun.

    I’ve noticed too that writing for other people is more fun these days as well. And I’m getting more freelancing, so that’s a good thing.


  5. Enough, not enough. It’s really up to you. Do I listen to enough INXS? Some weeks, yes. Other weeks, no.

    I await each post you write. Like Cele said, we’ll be here to read when the right urge hits you.

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