I had an interview yesterday.

It came relatively out of nowhere. I say relatively because I sent in the application the beginning of March. It’s fascinating how bureaucracies work, really. The position is at the University of Utah, in the ASUU office – the ASUU being the Associated Students of the University of Utah. (That would be the student government, for those not keeping up.)

The job is an interesting one. The title is, “Legislative Advisor.” [Sidebar: Why is “advisor” not in Mozilla’s dictionary?] The requirements of the ASUU Legislative Advisor are many fold. So much so, I am not going to delineate them here. ;) What I will say is – this is a job I think I would like, and I hope it works out for me. Universe, start your engine.


ASUU logo

~ by shinshige on 15 May 2008.

3 Responses to “I had an interview yesterday.”

  1. Congrats, Shiggy! Sending you loving thoughts and warm “get this job” kudos!

  2. Go for it. So funny that you, Sideon and I are all doing the new job thing for various reasons in various ways. The universe is truly on the run.

    Parallel lives. I’m glad we found each other again.

    Lunch was fun. Great kid.


  3. […] No go on the ASUU gig. https://shinshige.wordpress.com/2008/05/15/i-had-an-interview-yesterday/ […]

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