I have tried. Really, I have . . .

I have tried to stay away from politics in this blog. I am not sure why, but I really do not want to throw out a bunch of political rhetoric on this site. So, I am hoping this is a not too common event. At some point, I may add another page that I can dedicate to what is wrong with our process. But, for today it is simply this:

Senator Clinton will not be the Democratic nominee for the Presidency in 2008. We all know this, she even knows this. She needs to salvage what little dignity she has left and let Senator Obama move forward on his journey to become the next President of the United States of America. After yesterday’s primaries, Senator Obama’s lead expanded even more; pushing Senator Clinton even further away from the nomination.

So, please, Hillary, let it go. Let the Senator from Illinois run his campaign against Senator McCain, and get you and your husband where you belong: On the campaign trail, fighting for the Democratic Party – not your own self interests.

Godspeed, Mrs. Clinton.

Yes, We Can.

~ by shinshige on 7 May 2008.

5 Responses to “I have tried. Really, I have . . .”

  1. I’m conflicted on this. Part of the reason, I’ve not had my primary yet, but once again I am to become the disenfranchised voter. I get tired of my vote not counting, because everyone in the east has deemed it over and done. throw out the parties and let’s just vote once as a nation and get it over and done with.

  2. I try not to myself (because my mother is a rabid Republican and it just get’s ugly) but you know I agree with you. YES WE CAN.

    Cele…he’s the real deal. He really is.

  3. From what I hear Obama is the man who will best suit the position, especially regarding the queers (like me) Although I am not a resident, I still hope for the best of everyone. Like you I don’t like to talk politics unless something gets under my skin.
    Thankyou for commenting on my blog too it is wonderful to have you drop by…xox

  4. I didn’t say I wasn’t (I guess I didn’t say I was either) voting for O’bama, my pet peeve is being 1) rhetorical 2) redudant 3) shown that my vote doesn’t count. It is hard to get people to vote when the rest of the political system is flicking their nose..es at us. (us being those who haven’t yet voted when everyone else has packed up and gone home, taking the cards with them.)

  5. Cele, fortunately for you – this year, the Oregon primary may actually still matter. And, really, if you think your vote doesn’t count, try being a progressive liberal in Utah. ;)

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