As yet untitled.

I woke up because the sun, breaking through the window, caused my eyes to feel as though they were actually burning. I never understood why inns like this had windows facing East. If I wanted to wake up at the crack of dawn, I would have slept outside last night. But no, I chose to spend what little money I had on a room at this quaint little out of the way place, with the hopes of being able to get some decent rest. Fuck me. I’m tired.

I went into the dining room to see if what they had for breakfast would compensate for me being up at this ungodly hour. That’s where I saw her. It was like looking into the soul of a star. That trumped the ungodlyness of my last statement. She was sitting at a table in the corner, talking to a woman who appeared to be a few years her senior. I could not stop staring. I almost ran into a wall because I was so distracted. My initial instinct was to walk to her straight away, profess to her my undying love, and sweep her off her feet. But, as I got nearer, my brain turned to mush and all I could think was, “Uhhh . . .” So, I continued past the table and sat at the end of the bar on the far side of the room.

When the innkeeper approached, I asked for a cup of honey and some coffee to sweeten it, then I tried to order toast and eggs, but I think I actually asked for oats and megs (I don’t even know what megs are.) Luckily she understood me, because she asked if I wanted them poached or scrambled. In case you are keeping notes, I like my eggs scrambled. Oh, and my toast wheat. Unfortunately, I did not get that option because she did, in fact, bring me oats. I digress. . .

As I ate, I kept glancing at the girl in the corner. Her hair was shoulder length, with a bit of a curl, and a color that combined shades of auburn and vermilion. I was awe struck. Her skin was as fair as the girl that mirror always talked about. Fairer, perhaps. Her clothes were refined, but not pretentious. I liked that, too. Her features were reminiscent of what a maiden in a Renoir would look like if she were real. The woman with whom she spoke looked like her, only a bit more experienced. Her hair was silvering and she too had a refinement about her. I am trying, but words fail to describe what I was witnessing. What I do not understand is how these women did not control the entire room, but it was as though no one else even noticed they were there.


~ by shinshige on 6 May 2008.

4 Responses to “As yet untitled.”


    “But, as I got nearer, my brain turned to mush and all I could think was, “Uhhh . . .””

    I’ve seen you do this. HYSTERICAL.

  2. I swear, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Ass.

  3. Mean it.

  4. I love when someone has this effect on me. I really enjoy the way you wrote about it, too. :)

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