Rule 4.


Care about what you feed your body.
Care about the things on which you spend your money.
Care about the animals you encounter.
Care about the plants whose paths you cross.
Care about bugs.
Care about feelings and emotions and thoughts and words and senses and and and . . .
Care about beauty.
Care about the environment.
Care about the firmness of your bed.
Care about the people with whom you share your life.
Care what they think.
Care what you look like when you leave your house.
Care how comfortable and supportive your shoes are.
Care how comfortable and supportive you are.

Don’t care if you eat processed food once in a great while [just don’t do it often].
Don’t care about money itself [it’s just a tool for trade].
Don’t care if an animal doesn’t like you [there are hundreds more that do].
Don’t care if there is a bug in your house [take it outside and let it go].
Don’t care about the future of the planet [just the stuff living on it].
Don’t care about breaking things [you can fix it later . . . or get a new one].
Don’t care what strangers think about you [they’re strangers].
Don’t care whether or not your socks match [other people can’t see them anyway].
Don’t care if you fight with someone you love [wait 10 minutes, then see Rule 1].

Take care.

~ by shinshige on 3 May 2008.

One Response to “Rule 4.”

  1. Wow! I love this!! Maybe I will take some of this to heart. It will probably help me become a better person.

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