Talk Thursday: Your place on the internet.

Wow. The interwebs.
What a mess we created.
Life – forever changed.

Al Gore – creator.
Well, in the Senate, at least.
Way to go there, Al.

The first time I was online.
What a long, strange trip.

In 2008,
Where would we be without it?
Technology wins.

HTML class –
Just completed last Monday.
Got an A-.

First blog; three years past.
New blog in 2008.
Where do we go, now?

Smart Cards are coming.
It is the New World Order.
No more privacy.

Not, “Cash, check, or charge?”
It will become, “Please scan here.”
We are on our way.

I learn what I can,
So I can become prepared,
When shit hits the fan.

No more soap box, now.
Go, play on your computer.
Do the best you can.



~ by shinshige on 1 May 2008.

9 Responses to “Talk Thursday: Your place on the internet.”

  1. Ha ha I love it. Yo have a very interesting way with words. Thank you for playing. I’m now trying to figure out the first time I went online, I think I was a ways behind you. Was HTML class worth it?

  2. I don’t remember the first time I went online! I know, though, that it was on a slow as turd dial-up phone line with a loud squawking modem!!!

  3. First time on the internet… when it was used by the colleges. I went to the State Library and put in my request. In two hours, they had my research with printouts. (1980)

    Ummm. first time by myself, ummm 1991… we used urls, text only, no graphics.

    1998, at the libraries…

    2000, connect in my home at Germany

    Today, I am on it all day long. :-)

    Oh yea, first computer… do you really want this list?
    I didn’t think so. (I was a computer/electronics technician)

    LOL Cyn

  4. I was on local BBS stuff before there were the internets. Before the BBS stuff, I had an 8088 processor – can’t recall the total memory – but it used the 5.25″ floppy (truly floppy) disks.

  5. Cele – Thank you. I am glad people appreciate the way I express myself. ;)

    Angie – I had one of those up until about 5 years ago. Seriously, how did we survive without broadband?

    Cyn – I used DOS up until Windows 98 as my primary OS. ;)

    sid – I like your 5.25″ floppy. ;)

    I remember when the first 1GB hard drive was made. I did not start on the net until ‘94, but was already relatively geeky before then. So, the 1GB hard drive is released and I told people, when would you EVER need that much space? That’s just asinine. Pfft. What the hell did I know?

  6. You’d really like my hard drive.

  7. LOL I love DOS too. I finally begrudgingly put WINDOWS 98 on my computer. My hubby played with Linex.

    Oh yea, we still use DOS for packet BBS for Amateur Radio. ;-)

  8. All I can recall is that computers were implemented to schools the final year of my educated sentence. I never really had an interest in them until 7 years ago when my friend bought one.

    My Father said he would never touch one, did not believe in the way computers were slowly wiping out the need for human interaction…Now Though!! He is quite the PC efficianado (spell check please)

    I do think it is marvellous & quite fascinating how far communication has advanced and that it is all channeled via cables. Amazing!

  9. It’s been TEN YEARS since these were all originally posted. . .10 years. I miss you all.

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