Is the grass always greener?

Some one asked me once if I was a “grass is always greener kind of person”.

Is the grass always greener?

Ummm – yeah, I think so. And – I don’t necessarily think that’s a problem. The world – yeah, the world has issues with it. The world teaches us to be content with what we have and work to make that better. I think that is a bunch o’ shit. I think if you don’t like what you have, then change something to make that better. That’s not to say you can be selfish and do whatever you want, as we all tend to have something or, more properly, someone else in our care (or at least within our spheres of influence). So, as long as those placed in your charge are willing to make the changes with you, then I see no harm. I will not advocate, however, blindly following your id to do whatever you please, whenever you please to do it. That is lame. ;)

And honestly – I hate the fucking weather. Rain does not bother me. Snow – I can’t stand. It tends to not snow much in California, and the D.C. area gets crappy winters, but they are only like 2 or 3 months long, not 7 like they are here.

What do I want to change? My lifestyle. Could I in Utah? Yes, but not to the same degree. I can’t handle the politics here. That will not change. If I want to live a more carefree (read: liberal) life, then I run the risk of being ostracized. In Cali, probably would not be the case. And – back East – yeah, they are also conservative, but Utah Conservativism is not the same as outside-of-Utah Conservativism. I think we could find an appropriate place to settle.

Now – CAN we relocate? Not for at least two years and change. After I finish my Master’s is the earliest window I see. Not that two years is a long time, but I tend to do major life altering things impulsively, so having a “thing” to do and keep me stable right now is a good thing for me.

Life goes on – no matter where you are. But, if you can live a life where the grass is greener, then why not?


~ by shinshige on 29 April 2008.

8 Responses to “Is the grass always greener?”

  1. Yeah no kidding about needing something to change. Politics, weather. Yeah. Repressive job. I like California too. And I could move anytime I want to. But will I and when. I’d also like to live in Colorado closer to Jenniphur. I’d like to have my cake and douse it all soggy with red wine before I eat it too. You know, be in both places. (Colorado still has snow though). As for the impulse thing . . . Oh yeah I have done a couple of doozies. I don’t know about you but my impulses fester for a while before they pop. The longer they fester the messier they are when they burst.

    Sorry about the high ick factor on that last image.

    Anyway, California looms large in my mind these days too. Yesterday I sent my resume off to a company in Sacramento, so we’ll see. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all end up living there?

    I’m enjoying your site. I actually started a blog once on a wacky insomniac impulse, and it quickly died. Gotta get serious about it and start my own.

    LA LA la la la

  2. “One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

  3. In my life it seems grass only looks greener in moments of my discontent. Thank heavens I’m a pretty content person. I suppose that does read “Boring.” But then again, I like me and where I am in my life.

    Having said that, life is far too long to be stuck someplace where you are miserable. It drains the joy out of you, your existance, and bleaches the color out of everything. Then it sucks your health away too. So if when you are at the point in your life where you can, move so we have a happy you for a long time.


  4. My theory on this topic is…. the grass only LOOKS greener due to a play of light. If I take the energy to climb over that fance ONLY because the grass LOOKS prettier, I will be disappointed when I get there. There is no “there.” Like a rainbow, greener grass is always in the distance. That cliche implies to me that one is never content where one is, but is always looking for something better outside of oneself. As long as the focus is outward, there will never be contentment.
    *bowing and exiting the room grandly*

  5. Lynn – restart you blog. Grrr . . . ;)

    Angie – I do not disagree. When you say, “As long as the focus is outward, there will never be contentment,” My two issues with it, though, are – OK, wait. This will be a semantic argument, more than likely, so I will try to keep it specific. Issue #1 – I do not like the idea of contentment. I think contentment is on par with settlement. Who wants to settle? Now – the reason I say this is semantic is because we probably agree, but are not using the same words. . .

    Issue #2 – I do not think inward focus and outward focus are mutually exclusive. I believe one can, and should, look to improve all aspects of one’s life, when necessary (and possible).

    Regardless – I think you have very valid points and I appreciate the feedback.

    Oh – and *bowing and exiting the room grandly* made me lol. I totally had this vision of you doing that. . . ;)

  6. Picture saffron robes and shaved heads. Another bow. “Oh Honorable Seizui-san. What grass? Is illusion. Contentment also illusion.” (unless it means you are in a place where there is nothing to strive for and everything has been achieved.) Maybe in it’s truest form it’s another word for enlightenment and when you’re there, being content is a moot point because the enlightened one is just BEING. Until we get there, thought,

    DIScontentment makes us work harder to find a better state whether it’s job, money, love, location, inner peace, great sex (or in my case, any sex), status — wherever the grass appears to be greener and always more abundant. It’s cyclical and different for everyone. It’s universal and it’s what keeps us moving — inward and outward. It can be positive if it propels toward a fuller being (enlightenment?); negative if suffering, regression, destructive behaviors and judgments result. (judgement? labels? already read your new post.) And of course who am I to judge what’s positive and negative for anyone else by myself. Any step taken could be exactly what’s right for someone on their own trip down that primrose path.

    Yes, contentment can be another word for settling if you give up or find a way to accept the discomfort, which is probably really complacency rather than contentment. (Semantics, gotta love it.) Or contentment can be another word for “I’m in just the right place for me, right now.” It might only last 5 minutes, but sometimes, it’s real.

    The idea of achieving it keeps us going. Shakes us out of complacency and into action or another way of considering, thinking, reasoning. This action . . . seeking . . . questioning . . . can also be a manifestation of contentment if it makes you feel more alive. Besides, who says you can’t be standing in a huge meadow of abundant green grass while you keep looking for more. Who says you can’t have your grass and search for it too.

    I think you can. And I know you will.

    I don’t know if any of this makes any sense, but here it is. A lotus for you. And another bow.

    Lotus Lynn
    P.S. I haven’t figured out who I want to be on the internet yet, so I sign whatever suits me. It might be different every time. Maybe I’ll keep it that way.

    PPS. In the tradition I learned, during the bow the hands in prayer position symbolize a lotus. The bow is an acknowledgement of the other and says in essence, “A lotus for you, a Buddha to be.”

  7. Sorry about the typo. should be “Until we get there, though. . .”

  8. Wow . . . amazing what one can think and profess, with the intentions being pure. . . Then, you look back a year later and think, “What the fuck?”

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