Talk Thursday: Desire (come and get it).

What is a world without desire?
Can there be heat without a fire?
Images of the past reappear from nowhere.
Instantly my heart and soul are taken back there
To where the world seems right,
Where day is day and night is night –
But right is wrong and wrong is right,
And light is dark and dark is light.
I’m not afraid, yet feel a fright . . . as I see her there.

(Ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump . . .)
In my chest, my heart is beating.
(Ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump . . .)
In my lungs, my breath is fleeting.
(Ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump . . .)
On my brow, the sweat is beading.
(Ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump . . .)
Deeper still, my loins are heating.
(Ba-bump ba-bump ba-bump . . .)
If it’s not yet happened, is it cheating?

A thirst for her begins to swell.
A realization this will not end well. . .
What can I do to make my peace?
What can I do to decrease the pain this tryst will cause?
I pause.

She approaches.

She takes my hand and places it softly on her breast. The top of her shirt is open – it is silk and the color is a green unlike any I have ever seen. Her eyes, beautiful by nature, reflect the color in a way they become fairy-like, glimmering, shimmering. My hand creeps around the nape of her neck as I slowly make my way across her Snow White skin, to circle, gently, the tenderness of her nipple.

“Hold me tight, this is right. Touch me here and here . . . and here . . .” The subtly of her wishes become much less subtle when she leans in and whispers in my ear, “Come and get it.”

I sit up. Confused. Disoriented. The visions are so vivid and clear. I don’t understand. I look around and see no beauty in green. I see trees. Grass. My horse.

Desire remains. Snow White does not.

“She’s a candle
burning in my room
I’m like the needle, needle and spoon” – Bono

~ by shinshige on 17 April 2008.

6 Responses to “Talk Thursday: Desire (come and get it).”

  1. Yowzah! Hot.

  2. Another WOW! Are you competing with Sideon?

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. There is something fine about dancing dreams.


  3. Love it! It is so intimate and romantic (sigh) : )

  4. Smitten, I’d say.

  5. Thanks, all.

    Sideon – I’m not sure what you mean by this, “smitten.” ;)

  6. I totally understand what Sid means my smitten.

    Excellent writing Shi, I love your use of ba bump, colour, needs and reality. very human.

    And thank you for joining Talk Thursday, a great addition

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