Fullest, concluded.

So, by now we have established I love Scott and the car is there, right?

I forgot earlier – I did meet someone else that morning. Sideon’s friend, Calista, was there. She was a doll. I am not sure what it was about her, but she, too had a familiarity about her I just can not place. And – she was driving a Prius, so I have to honour her by default. ;)

The car gets safely stowed into the garage, all the while Julz is establishing the play list for the evening’s events. She, Jenn, Bill, and Lynn (a little) were using this high-fallutin’ technology that gave us the shit in terms of music to find for the festivities. It took bloody hours, but Julz is the master DJ, and she ended up rocking the house. And – she did not have to give in to everyone else’s musical desires. You go, girl.

By now, I have moved on to frou frou drinks like: cranberry, Orange SKYY, and Triple Sec (Eddae #4); cranberry, black berry brandy, and Orange SKYY (Eddae #5); and a number of other variants, later to include Citron. Mmmmmm. I like cranberry.

Puppus Swimmus ExtraordinariusShortly after 2:00 or so, with Cele running errands in her fuel efficient hybrid, Scotty playing with his new toy, Julz’s play list getting finalized, we decided – and by “we” I mean some individual person – to go for a dip in the pool before the party. So, we did. And it was GRRRRRREAT!!!! (a la Tony the Tiger.) The most excited participant in the pool time activities was Midas, the pooch. He’s a good one. He is a most beautiful golden retriever, with the ever-so-witty name. He loves him some swimming.

Pool time was quite, uhhh, what’s the word? distracting, no . . ., disjointed, yeah, disjointed. . .

  • Don and I played the dunking game – at which I am most superior.
  • Jenn stayed poolside for most of the time – oh, she of the fairest skin. (Although she and Donavan did have a couple noodle races, at which Don excelled.)
  • Scott came and went – repeatedly.
  • Lynn, Julz, and Bill were also active participants in the H2O games.
  • Oh, and Don was the absolute best at the beach ball riding contest. Me, not so much – Julz (worse than me) – Bill did OK, and I think Lynn tried once. ;)

After the pool/hot tub time, a few of us, OK – Jenn and I – decided we were hungry, so we picked at the gyoza sitting on the counter for a while. Oh, and continued drinking Eddaes. For the next few hours, really we spent more time just hanging out. It was great actually, getting to reconnect with old friends and feel as though I was a part of their lives again. We congregated around the kitchen for a while, which is what tends to happen when people all move inside and gather. At some point, we started talking about having kinks in our bodies, and other physical maladies. (As it turns out, Jennifer and I have similar issues with our hips. It’s quite unfortunately, really, because I know how badly this particular issue hurts on occasion.) This conversation led to a mass massaging. Lynn is a certified massage therapist (at least I think she is certified – she DID go to school, after all) and apparently Bill had back issues because he was lying on one couch with Lynn working on his back and shoulders while I helped Jennifer with her ouchiness on the other couch.

Meanwhile, the guests began arriving for the party. I first met Rob and Rich when we were outside. During the massage-fest, I was introduced to Tim and Tim, and Romell and Mark. Rom is one of my favourite friends of Don. We spent quite a bit of time, at various points of the evening, discussing health, wellness, ethnicity, woah – you name it – it may have some up. I met JulieAnn and Wanker (apparently some of my friends know DEH) awkward. I met Don’s fam – Tracy and Crystal, Terry and uhhhhh, someone else. ;) and a few other relatives. I met Mary and Debbie (LOVE DEBBIE) – I did not know square dancing was such a big thing in Bay. Who else???? Hmmmm – if I forgot someone and aught not have, please forgive me. *grin*

After peeps began to leave the party, those of us who were staying at the house began to settle on the couch. We spent quite a bit of time just lying on the couches and chatting. It was very comfortable for me. Bill was still a riot – he REALLY likes music. Scott was still obsessing over his car. In fact, I think it safe to say (sorry Don) the party actually served two purposes. 1- Celebrate Don’s birthday; and 2-Celebrate Scott’s new car. :awesome:Brunch at Katy's

I think almost everyone went to bed around 1:30 or 2:00.

The next day was less cumbersome. Wake up and open presents (which reminds me – I need to mail Don his card), cheers to a mimosa, go to brunch, walk through the CCCFM. . .

Then it was goodbyes. First to Tracy and Crystal, then to Julz and Bill. Then to me.

Don took me to OAK around 4:30. We had one last dip in the pool before I left, and there I said goodbye and gave hugs to Jennifer and Lynn, then unscrupulously failed to say goodbye to Scott. I later made ammends. The drive to the airport was difficult. I knew I was going to miss everyone. Terribly. Very terribly. So totally very terribly. I was right.

I got to my gate shortly before my flight boarded. We taxied to the tarmac around 5:45, and were towed back to the gate 35 minuted later. Big Trouble in Little Airplane. I finally flew home a bit after 8:00 and ultimately walked into my house just as I described before.



~ by shinshige on 16 April 2008.

2 Responses to “Fullest, concluded.”

  1. Ha ha ha awkward indeed. But it was very nice to meet you! And what a small world…we need to have coffee sometime and relate stories.

    Loving your blog.

  2. Of course I won the noodle race. Silly.

    I was holding back on the dunking game and I LET you win.

    It was a multi-purpose party, indeed.

    Your Eddae #4 and #5 were faboo.

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