Continue living life to the fullest. . .

Because I'm Bill, That's WhyWe walked into the house a little after midnight. The first person I saw was Bill. I knew that was his name, because his shirt said something like, “Because I’m Bill, that’s why.” He is quite a witty man. He made it perfectly clear that if he were to look in a mirror, as a dyslexic, he would then be able to remember his name. Love you, Bill.

I then saw Scott. He was standing in the living room, between the chairs near the front window box, and the back of the sofa. I instantly recognized him as a good person. It was quite obvious, actually.

Next, Julie came around the corner from either her living room or the bathroom (I can not remember). Holy cow. I dropped my bags, shrieked her name and ran over to her, nearly knocking us into the wall. After we all settled down a little, Don and Scott showed me to my room, and promptly introduced my to Ruby, who would be my roommate for the next two days. I like Ruby – she does not speak much. In fact, she doesn’t do much at all. She’s quite high maintenance. Shortly thereafter, everyone went to bed except Don and I. He went to get me a glass of water and we sat on the couch for a little chat. Don was tired, however, so not much chatting occured. After a few minutes of sitting and chatting, we turned in.

I got myself ready for bed and fell asleep – but only after some trouble adjusting to the situation. Throughout the night, I found myself lying in a fog – debating whether or not I should get up and do something else. I woke up repeatedly, and after the 5th or 6th time, I began to wonder if the sun ever rose in the Bay Area. Alas, after what seemed an eternity, I saw light and began to hear the trickling in of voices. After someone (I presume to be Scott) closed my door, I knew the peeps would be up, so I myself began my day.

I got my clothes and my toiletries and proceeded to the newly finished bathroom where I attempted to make myself presentable. Duh, in hindsight, because apparently making one’s self presentable in the morning at the Tozzi-Penrose house is an unacceptable activity. While I was in the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of Lynn in the hallway, which led to my spirit getting a bit of a burst of positivity. After I was ready to face the day, I went into the living room. There I experienced what I can only describe as indescribable.

Don, Julie, Lynn, and Jennifer were all in the one spot. The spirit of the area was one I have never experienced. This is where the weekend actually took off. What I felt as I crossed the threshold into the living room was not something that could have been predicted. Later on, Lynn would help me understand by equating us to a “soul family” and that made the entirety of the situation that much clearer. I spent the rest of the morning drinking coffee and Bailey’s, coffee and Kahlua, and coffee and Bailey’s AND Kahlua. Oh, and I ate Don’t mashed potato creation, and booked a homeward bound flight for the following day.

Before breakfast, Lynn, Jenn, and I spent a bit of time siting on the couches discussing the intricacies of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Wow, I say, wow . . . Being reconnected to people with whom I am so close was revolutionary for me. As I said, I did not see it coming. I knew who would be there, and I knew I was excited to see them. My expectations fell far short of what really transpired that morning.

Around 11:30, Scott and I went to the big K to get some party favors. I also wanted to look for a phone charger, so Scott took me to a cellular hole-in-the-wall where I picked up what I assume is a hot charger that plugs into a 12v automobile outlet. I assume it was hot because the girl who sold it to me charged me $10 cash, and she checked it before I purchased it, to make sure it actually worked. Oh well, I say. It was during this trip I got to know Scott. My fist impression was correct, he is a good person. I welcome him, with open arms, into my life. We had to hurry home, because at 1:00, his new baby (a 1960 Chrysler 300-F convertible) was to arrive. It got there a little early, actually, and seeing Scott with that car was like watching a really big kid in a really big candy store – except the candy store was only one car and the kid was only one man (one big-hearted happy, happy man.)



~ by shinshige on 15 April 2008.

3 Responses to “Continue living life to the fullest. . .”

  1. I like that, and agree: “I have an ethereal family that includes a number of very important people.” I like Lynn’s description of “soul family,” too. I like your words about the weekend. I like most that you were there.

  2. Wow, you guys do have a vib about you for certain. It is such an amazing amount of energy. And I didn’t get one of your fabulous looking massages, but I’ll stand in line next time. I am very happy to say I met you and look forward to meeting you again. Before Sid’s bit 8-0 thought. okay.

  3. Oh god. How I wish I had attended that party. If I could have, I certainly would have. Next time. I’m so glad I at least got to meet Don in real life.

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