Rule 2: Live life to the fullest.

I walked through my garage door last night around midnight. When I came in, I smelled an interesting odor coming from the kitchen/dining room area. As I walked in, it was 76 degrees in the hallway and the fan was turned off. I did not understand. Not having the ability to understand was not that far-fetched however, given the way I had experienced the previous 60 and a half hours.

It really started when I decided to fly stand-by. Now I know better. This experience, though, began that 60 and a half hours prior. I was on my way to the airport when I realized I did not have the charger for my cell phone. I like to be green and have been a relatively descent environmentalist for the last 15 years or so, but I do not unplug my charger when it is not in use. Therefore, I had failed to remember to remove it from my night stand. I called my wife and told her I wold not be using my phone much, as I needed to save what battery power I had remaining. 12 hours later, I would find myself sitting in a BART car, leaving a message for my wife with a stranger’s phone. He was a nice enough fellow, and I did notice the last call he made was to his grandmother. I liked that about him.

45 minutes and 7 train stations later, I borrowed the phone of another perfect stranger, to call a wife who wasn’t answering, with the intention of getting the number of a guy I had not seen in years, all the while standing in a train station, in a town over 700 miles from my home. Yeah, I know . . . “Wow,” right?

When Sideon arrived, it was the beginning of what would be an amazing 30 hours. . .



~ by shinshige on 14 April 2008.

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