First thing’s first. . .

I just had an amazing weekend. My next post will explain why. This post, however, is purely housekeeping. I had a blog, and it sucked, so I am scrapping it and moving to this one. Thanks to Sideon for turning me on. Er, turning me on to WordPress, that is. I am, however, providing a link. Why not.

I will be back soon, and I have recently discovered that if one were to resolve to write a specific number of blog posts in any given period of time, that someone has the right to bank posts so as to meet said resolution. I may indulge in this process. . . ;)



~ by shinshige on 14 April 2008.

One Response to “First thing’s first. . .”

  1. You darn well better believe you have the right to bank blogs to meet your future quota. It’s like blog bylaws…er something.

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